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US Cost of Recent Wars: Is It Worth It or Is It An Economic Burden - Research Paper Example

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While the wars that the US has advanced following the attack may be justifiable, there are underlying concerns which should be examined with a pinch of salt. Fear et al. (2011) believes that the economic cost alone without considering the human cost (for example the psychological impact) is in itself alarming (Chandrasekhar, 2011)…
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US Cost of Recent Wars: Is It Worth It or Is It An Economic Burden
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the questions being asked by many Americans and other people across the world include the reasons that rationalize the cost of the wars which are quite exorbitant as compared to others that the US has fought in the past, and when one examines the other areas of the economy. Quadra (2011) observes that the long term cost in education for example is a serious concern portending long term costs, with Thomas (2011) reckoning that these wars have led to the unplanned cuts of funding education. As a result of this many students have had to stage demonstrations with anti-war slogans. But the one to blame for the recent wars is an issue that many Americans are grappling with. Margaret (2011) reasons that George Bush’s administration has a great deal to do with where America is today and further states “… tax cuts destroyed a balanced budget, Medicare in order to finance budgets of two wars...’’ (Margaret, 2011)
The Real and Likely Future Cost: The exact cost of wars may be difficult to ascertain due to problem of estimation and the history of wars that the US has engaged in. However, the real cost appeal can be conceptualized when one looks at the Gross Domestic Product. If this is considered then arguably post September 9/11 wars have cost a great deal more than others in history (Daggett, 2011). To understand cost more reasonably, it is important to dichotomize it into sub-sets as follows: the likely cost in the coming fiscal year, the cost since September 11, the cost per agency and the overall categories of the costs. Likely Cost: The Next Fiscal Year: The cost of war, regardless of the underlying concerns may still take a good chunk of the Federal budget. Of the total budget this year, Ronald (2010) observes that “… About $534 billion will be given in 2011 to the Department of Defense and another $55 billion to Veterans Affairs. Defense spending does not include, however, the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, counted as separate items in the budget …” Cost in the Years Past (since September 11 Attack) to 2011: The US government has used a great deal of money in wars since the September 11 attack in its three initiated major military operations. These operations include: Operation Nobel Eagle, commonly referred to as ONE. The rationale behind this operation is the provision of increased security for the American Military bases as well as domestic security. This was put as a response measure to the attacks. The other is Operation Enduring Freedom, commonly referred to as OEF. This has been meant to predominantly take care of Afghanistan as well as other Global War on Terror (GWOT) in countries such as the Philippines, Somali and Djibouti among others. Third is the one dubbed Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) which started in 2002 with its peak being the grounding of invasion of Iraq in March 2003. This was later propelled and aided by continued “counter-insurgency and stability operations, and is slated to be renamed Operation New Dawn as U.S troops focus on advisory and assistance roles” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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