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Trust within EU - Essay Example

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Trust Issues within EU: Bulgaria and Romania Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: The EU is an association of mostly European nations. It was formed in mid 20th century with the first treaty signed among the first countries the in 23rd July 1952. Since its inception, there have been more developments such as the signing of more treaties and more importantly, the inclusion of more countries joining the union…
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Trust within EU
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Download file to see previous pages There have been a number of things that make the EU members to mistrust each other. This is especially so between the older members and the new members. The fact that most of these countries in the EU have different standings on different issues such as the economic and judicial systems makes trust a serious issue in the EU. Those countries in the EU which are former communist members of the soviet have been accused of not being collaborative enough in implementing the right economic and the legal system. This has led to the mistrust which is in twofold. First, the older members of the EU do not trust the newer members, most of them having been former members of the Soviet Union. They feel that these newer members may not be desiring to bring in to the union as much as they should. The newer member states at the same time have also been mistrusting the older members because they feel that they may be taken advantage of, especially with regard to economic exploitation. This has led to high, tensions and this mistrust has led to the some of the members being suspended from the union. New members have been required to fully conform to EU standards (Lewis, 2000, p.116). At the same time, the role and mandate of EU in the region continue to change and increase (Woolcock, 2009, p.149). According to Molle (2006, p.12) all forms of integration requires some form of permanent agreement that will bind the different members together. These agreements scan lead to mistrust when some members feel that they are being put to a disadvantage. Mythology To be able to get the data regarding the issue of trust within the EU, the study will look for various sources of information ranging from the fallowing; Websites The issue of trust in the EU has been abundantly evident, and there are professional websites that have published and publicized the issue over time. Most professional websites have provided credible information about the issue and have also given enough data and statistics regarding the factors that have made trust an issue. These statistics revolve around issues such as, democracy, economic systems, and the level of corruption, especially with regard to ex-communist members in the EU. These websites will provide useful and credible information with regard to the issue of trust. Books Since the EU was formed, a lot of authors, both academic and professional, have written about the issue of trust in the EU. These books tackle various topics ranging from economics to politics of the EU. Both positive and negative information has been written about the EU, and this provides a good research ground to understand the internal workings of the EU. Some have criticized the EU by saying that its goals are just big pink elephants that will never be realized. Similarly, there are those who have given praise to the union and see it as a savoir in the European continent. These books will provide a good research foundation for this study. Journals and magazines Journals and magazines have also published information about the EU since it was formed. The current issues of trust within the union have been a difficult topic covered by the many journals and magazines available. These journals and magazines also provide good insights and understanding about the issue o ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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