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World leaders and their leadership styles. How did they affect the world - Research Paper Example

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There have been different leaders in history and through each one of the leaders; there have been many attributes, skills and characteristics learned by those that have followed the leader…
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World leaders and their leadership styles. How did they affect the world
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Download file to see previous pages This paper discusses a number of world leaders and their affect on the world today. Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was a powerful and relentless leader who was considered to be an inspiring leader during his early years of leadership as he demonstrated his intellectual capabilities during phase one of World War II by directing the Blitzkrieg tactics. The strategic capability of Adolf Hitler assisted the army in handling the unforeseen shock attacks against airfields, military installations and communication centers. Hitler amused his followers by winning the May 1940 Battle of France and May 1942 Battle of Kharkov. As he faced all the challenges with confidence and courage, he was successful in defeating the Nazi Germany (Megargee, 14). This defeat became famous globally and many remember Adolf Hitler via defeating the Nazi. Adolf Hitler governed the NSDP autocratically by establishing the Fuhrerprinzip style of leadership; the principle behind it is that all subordinates have to remain obedient to their superiors and government has a pyramid like structure. Hitler viewed himself as the perfect leader at the apex of the pyramid. In the party, all the positions were filled by people who had high ranks and ensured that they will be obedient to the leader’s will without asking any questions which showed that people having strong powers were given a place in the party (Popper, 64). Compulsion of following the rules of the leaders impacted the followers in making them powerless and also no freedom to speak or protest. Hitler used to give contradictory orders to his subordinates so that the strongest one was able to do the job; as a result, he fostered competition, distrust and power struggle among the subordinates so that he could strengthen his legitimate power. Contrary orders are difficult to abide by as all subordinates are not of the same level and hence there would be many that cannot fulfill the requirements of the order. Before 1941, Adolf Hitler was regarded as an excellent leader who inspired many people but afterwards he became sclerotic and started punishing people for their wrong doings. This started impacting the image of Hitler in a negative way and now in many places he is remembered as a harsh ruler. However, Hitler had strong power in making all operational decisions in Germany and it was under his leadership that Europe and Germany had to face the supreme calamity in his ruling period. The ability of making operational decision timely and accurately allowed him to face success in Germany. Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi was the paramount leader of the Indian nationalism during the period when the British were ruling India. The leader introduced the concept of fighting with a tactic known as ‘non-violent civil disobedience’ by stirring innumerable movements of civil rights, non-violence and freedom worldwide (Barnabas and Paul, 135). This tactic proved to be highly successful for Gandhi and via this strategy he was able to achieve his goals. Gandhi initiated his first fight for the protection of civil rights of Hindu and Muslim Indians in South Africa by implementing a fresh technique of non-violent public defiance. After years of sincere efforts and determination, the government of South Africa accepted their mistake and decided to compromise with Gandhi on treating everyone equally in the country. This was a huge success achieved by Gandhi and from hereon he became quite successful in fostering other movements. After his return to India in 1915, he joined the Indian National Congress to raise his voice against unacceptable policies and rules of the British government that were depriving people of their rights. One of his famous protests was Salt March against ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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