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Research on women politicians shows that many women hold elective political post in developed world than they do in the developing countries. Political attitudes displayed by women politicians are similar to their male counterparts. Gender attitudes influence political systems of many countries. …
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Research on Female President Election in US
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Download file to see previous pages Gender stereotypes give preference to a given gender to hold a political position. Some studies show that gender stereotype is a factor that influences presidential elections in developed counties (Watson 503). Some people feel that women are not able to make tough decisions.
The research presented in this paper evaluates public opinion as influenced by gender bias in electing a woman. The paper evaluates how gender stereotype influences election in United States by using data obtained from opinion polls. Women featured in presidential ticket campaigns, yet they were not able to clinch the tickets in their parties. The research wants to investigate whether gender stereotypes influenced voting for the female candidate. The findings of the research would suggest how political like would influence presidential politics in capitalist nations and how gender gap influences US presidential politics.
The State of the Literature
Gender attitude dictate political action in a society. Women demonstrate views, which tend to support candidates with liberal views (Watson 505). Male counterpart demonstrates conservative views to political issues. The difference constituted by these varying thoughts influence media representation of women in American politics. Modern politics stress on policies than propaganda or vain saying exhibited in the past. Theorists have mentioned various factors to propagate gender gaps in the society, which include modernization, attitude differences, and secularization. Apparently, cultural aspects defined various roles in the society. The advent of modernization opened a new chapter to women especially the role of a woman in the community. In pre industrial age, women task was to bear children and take care of their homes. Women effort in economic growth and societal development in the modern society is evident through active participation of women. Women lead in various political and non-political offices, discharging duties, which contribute to economic growth. Studies show that women take part in active politics in various developed countries than they do in developing countries (Leighley 8). Liberalization of political system in these countries is a factor that has contributed to the liberal representations by women. Scholars argue that many factors contribute to liberal views that women poses. Factors such as pervasiveness, high poverty level among women, sexual discrimination, and other related factors influence liberal views of women. Societal changes suggest the existence of gender gaps in the society. Society has reverted social structure in which women served as servants to men (Watson 256). Participation in workforce among women is among changes in social structures that women boost of today. Gender gap is evident because many changes in social structure advocated for equal participation. Research on nations, which have not embraced changes in their social structure, reveals that women position in the traditional society has not changed. Various studies attribute different factors as constraints to that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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