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Photography: History, Development and its role in Modern Life - Research Paper Example

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This research aims to evaluate and present History and Development of the Photography and its role in Modern Life. Photography has widespread applications in various sciences. Photography helps in recording data in all disciplines of science, engineering and arts…
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Photography: History, Development and its role in Modern Life
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Extract of sample "Photography: History, Development and its role in Modern Life"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the word photography has been derived from two Greek words; photos meaning light and graphe meaning drawing, so photography means drawing with light. It was first used by Sir John Herschel in 1839 while delivering a lecture to the Royal Society of London. The practice of creating long lasting images by recording any wavelength of light is called photography. Photography has widespread applications in social life of an individual and that is why it is classified as a science as well as art. Photography is carried out by capturing an image on a medium; this can be done electronically through image sensor or also chemically by capturing image on light-sensitive material which includes the different kinds of photographic films. Photography essentially involves the use of a lens which focuses the light emitted from an object on the photographic film or light sensor during a fixed interval of time. The light sensors in an electronic or digital camera takes the focused image as the input data which is fed to the data processor in the form of a minute charge on each pixel, the intensity of this charge depends upon the wavelength of light received on a particular pixel. The processor then converts this data into a displayable image in the form of a digital file. In case of a photographic film, an impression of the image focused by the lens is made on the film as it is sensitive to light, this impression is then converted to an image through chemical development and later the image on the photographic film is used to prepare images on paper by using enlarger or contact printing. The image recording device in photography is the camera and the photographic film or the electronic sensor is the receiving media, whereas the data is stored on electronic or magnetic storage. The photographer controls the quality of the image through the use of various functions provided in the camera and thus the quality of the image depends upon the camera as well as the photographer. Photography has widespread applications in various sciences. Photography helps in recording data in all disciplines of science, engineering and arts. In industries photography is being used for surveillance, monitoring and testing. Various manufacturing plants also utilize the photographic images of invisible wavelengths of light for detecting cracks and abnormalities formed in various parts of machinery. Commercially, photography is being used as a very strong medium for advertisement and marketing. Photography has become an integral part of the fashion industry and various designers and textile manufacturers conduct photo shoots for depicting their products. Photography is also a very popular art and has become the part of various cultures. Professional photographers are very keen to record images depicting nature, culture, social issues and landmarks in culture, architecture and industry and very often exhibitions are held for displaying the works of professional photographers. With the rapid advancement and the increase in the affordability of cameras, photography has bec ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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