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History Lessons: The Power of Political Persuasion - Term Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: History Lessons: The Power of Political Persuasion The power of political persuasion is limitless. Leaders, over time, have used it for so many reason and interests. Some have been for the benefit of the nations, others to their detriment…
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History Lessons: The Power of Political Persuasion
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Extract of sample "History Lessons: The Power of Political Persuasion"

Download file to see previous pages Power was not a thing that was gained by speeches aretreaties. Power was something that was to be seized. Power had to be taken so that it can be owned. One cannot own something that does not belong to him. German had to make power belong to them so that they can own it. The only way to own power according to Otto von Bismarck was through war. German had to seize power through iron and blood. They had to take arms and go to war. They had to sacrifice themselves so as to own power. He highly advocated for the strengthening of the military. The military defined a state. The healthiness of a state was solely dependent on its military ability. If the military was inadequate, then they would lose in any war. Defeat was a state of unhealthiness to the nation (Toland 142). There was no power that could be recognized in such a state. When the council argued about shortening the military service, Otto von Bismarck responded by giving the speech on iron and blood. This was to emphasize on the need of the military for the survival of the great nation of Germany. Storm of steel is a memoir of Ernst Junger, a German officer. It describes his experiences in war, specifically World War 1. Ernst glorified war. Most of his passages emphasizes his enthusiasm in fighting. He claims that war schooled his heart. For all the glory, destruction was no inhibitor. His enthusiasm in war earned him laudation from a Nazi Propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbles. The book as a great and brilliant one in reference to war. It passes as the German book on the World War one.His memoirs describe national passion and loyalty. To him fighting in war was a great reflection on national loyalty. He describes his experience without restraint. His memoirs were used as a manual by German soldiers. He influenced the German youth so much that they wanted to join the army and become heroes like Joseph Goebbles. War was a way of proving ones worth. War was everything that was needed to define the military power of a country. Power was all that mattered to a country. His memoirs describes the war lucidly rather that his reaction. These descriptions lured a lot of young men into war. He made war to be used to define an individual. He endorsed for prisoners to be shot. The prisoners were a threat to his mother nation (Toland 142). Adolf Hitler was not ashamed for the war situation in his country. He was enthusiastic the whole situation. In the world war, he thanks the heavens for allowing him to live in such times. He considers himself fortunate to be in that time. His heart overflows due to being granted the fortune. He uses the spiritual base to support war. He goes on and gives the ingredients of war. The spiritual base must be certain for violence to spring. He supports force with spirituality. Force becomes moral if it is supported by spirituality. To him force had to supported by a spiritual concept for an idea to be destructed. His methods were not to destruct ideas but to ruthlessly exterminate them. For complete extermination all traditions had also to be wiped out. He used spiritual basis to camouflage then effects of violence. One had to be spiritual and the violence and force would be justified. Being spiritual is having faith. Having faith is believing in something. If one believed that force and violence was the way to become champions, then it is morally sound. Every form of force that lacks the support of spirituality is always uncertain. Germans were champions, force was necessary for them to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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