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Ronald Wilson Reagan - Research Paper Example

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This paper aims to provide enough information to other class-mates about Ronald`s life and his presidency era, as well as importance of his successful government in the American history…
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Ronald Wilson Reagan
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Ronald Reagan, the son of John Reagan, was born on February 6, 1911 and died on June 5, 2004. In his young years he used to live with his family in Tampico, but a few years later they went to live in Chicago. Initially his father was the supporter of Ku Klux Klan, the political group of America, but when he went through financial crises he turned against political parties and started negotiating against them . This situation created more problems for him and his family. As a result, both son and father became obsessive followers of Democratic Party headed by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Ronald was sent to Doral Senior High school in Dixon. He was a brilliant student and secured good position in class. He was interested in studying economics and sociology. Apart from studies he was highly interested in sports, especially in swimming and football. He also gained sports scholarship because of his outstanding performance in annual football match at Eureka College. After completing studies at high schools, he got job at the Davenport radio station as a sports commentator . A few years later he joined another radio station in Des Moines, where he gained fame and became one of the most famous sports announcer of the state. He got chance to work in Hollywood movies as well and he appeared as a leading actor in many hit movies. The famous movies in which he performed include Hollywood Hotel, An Angel from Texas, the Santa Fe Trial, the Voice of the Turtle and many others. He worked in movies not just to make money or for entertainment. When the Second World War started he made such training films for captains and other army men that help them defense the country3. Meanwhile, during the making of the movie Brother Rat he met the Hollywood actress Jane Wyman and they get married in 1940, but after eight years of marriage she left him because of Ronald`s involvement in the war. They had two children, Maureen Elizabeth and Michael Edward. When the parents were separated the mother got custody of both the kids. In 1947 Ronald was elected the leader of Screen Actor Guild. During his occupation of the post of a leader of the Screen Actors Guild in 1951, Nancy Davis, another beautiful actress of Hollywood, tried to approach him. Finally, they got married in a small church on March 4, 1952. They were blessed with two children, Patricia Ann in October 1952 and Ronald Prescott in May 1958. Governor of California: Before World War he remained passionate supporter of Democratic party, but later he changed his affiliation and joined Dwight Eisenhower`s Republican Party. Soon he became a prominent member of the national political party. With the help of smear campaign, he won an easy victory and was selected as a governor of California4. After being announced a governor he worked with dedication, specifically for students, and gained fame in no time. Michael K. Deaver, another important political figure, took responsibility of scrutinizing Reagan`s presidential campaign. The main problem was that Reagan was sixty-eight years old by the time present government considered him as a suitable candidate for becoming the next president of America. His ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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