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Why HIV Inmates Shoud Not Be Intergrated with General Population Inmates - Research Paper Example

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The author states that the segregation of HIV inmates from generation population inmates, seem to be the only possible solution. In order to understand why HIV inmates must be segregated, it is crucial to understand why then the risk is higher in prisons and the mode of transmission…
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Why HIV Inmates Shoud Not Be Intergrated with General Population Inmates
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Extract of sample "Why HIV Inmates Shoud Not Be Intergrated with General Population Inmates"

Download file to see previous pages The prisons across the globe pose a serious challenge regarding the endemics of HIV and AIDS. It has generally been observed that the risk factor in context to HIV is much higher in prisons than in any other general environment. Despite the rapid transmission of HIV in inmates, especially those in prisons, there isn’t much being done to counter the issue. Moreover, the perception that the endemic is only restricted to the male populace is also flawed as a lot of such cases have been reported amongst the female inmates as well. A few prisons in developed countries, the US for instance, have introduced a few prevention programs which have proven to be quite successful as well (Bosworth 2005). However, these programs are rarely acquired in prisons owing to various reasons. Also, prisoners already suffering from HIV don`t have any access to antiretroviral treatment, which further complicates the situation of inmates. In most of the cases, even the basic healthcare facilities are not available for the prisoners. A few prisons have also introduced mandatory testing by authorities, but that is deemed as a breach of rights by the activists.

Research indicates that injecting drugs is very closely linked with incarceration. Also, there have been many cases where the injecting drug users (IDUs) have committed drug-related offenses which makes them pass through the correctional system (Adamson 1987). Thus, since IDUs are more likely to acquire HIV, the risk of infection is higher. Also, prisons are deemed to be breeding grounds for HIV infection due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, these prisons are usually overcrowded which implies that the risk of HIV is higher, as chances for a higher number of people carrying the risk are apparent. Similarly, the atmosphere bears fear and resentment, not to mention violence. Thus, sexual encounters and drugs are often the escape route for the prisoners, which pave way for risks of HIV infection.

Furthermore, the modes of HIV transmission mostly are injecting drug use, sexual transmission, tattooing, and violence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why HIV Inmates Shoud Not Be Intergrated with General Population Research Paper, n.d.)
Why HIV Inmates Shoud Not Be Intergrated with General Population Research Paper.
(Why HIV Inmates Shoud Not Be Intergrated With General Population Research Paper)
Why HIV Inmates Shoud Not Be Intergrated With General Population Research Paper.
“Why HIV Inmates Shoud Not Be Intergrated With General Population Research Paper”.
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