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This research will begin with the statement that abortion is a concept, which still has mixed reviews among U.S public. Abortion is a most prevalent medical practice in the US and is conducted with a legal acceptance. Abortion can be condemned but also can be valued as it has its own pros and cons…
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Pros and Cons of Abortion
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Abortion Pros and Cons Abortion is a concept, which still has mixed reviews among U.S public. Abortion is a most prevalent medical practice in U.S and is conducted with a legal acceptance. Abortion can be condemned but also can be valued as it has its own pros and cons.The abortion even though is an unhealthy practice is relief to many women in case of adverse situations. However, abortion in a risky way can pave way to physical complication and can even prove fatal. “An abortion can cost anywhere from around $350 to more than $1,000. [33] In 2009, it was estimated that a total of $831 million is spent on abortions annually”. To understand the phenomenon of abortion better it would be ideal to look at its pros and cons.
Abortion is a fundamental right to American women according to U.S law.
It is believed that, abortion is a justifiable act as it is a killing of a fetus and not that of a human being. A person is originated at birth and not during conception. This is a biologically proven fact and hence favosr abortion.
A fetus cannot experience pain as it is not developed mentally and physically to experience it. Since this is biologically proven gives support to the act of abortion.
Legally performed abortion is safe and healthy and can be recommended.
The abortion conducted in current times is medically advanced and has reduced risk and fatality.
The abortion is a resort to people who hesitate for contraceptive method. “Access to abortion is necessary because contraceptives are not always easily available”.
The babies who are not yet born have soul and it is injustice in the eyes of god to murder them.
“Unborn babies are innocent human beings from the moment of conception. They have a fundamental right to life, which must be protected”.
Since abortion is killing of life it is against nature’s law. For this reason, all the religious leaders and principle are against abortion.
When looking from neurological perspective fetus is believed to feel pain and hence is a torturous act.
The oath of Hippocrates which the medical professionals take itself forbids abortion and hence is a malpractice. “The original text of the Hippocratic Oath, the oath that doctors traditionally take when swearing to practice medicine ethically, forbids abortions”.
The U.S constitution give liberty to live to all men and killing of one life is against nation’s proclamation. “Allowing abortion directly contradicts the Founding Fathers intentions for an inalienable right to life in this country”.
There is lack of babies for adoption due to abortion practice in America. There are numerous couples who are waiting for adopting babies in America but the availability is less.
Abortion having pros and cons can be defended and justified according to the situation and effect of this medical procedure. It is not possible to condemn abortion altogether as it offers various benefits to women. The good side of abortion is weighed more in American society and the bad effects stand as reasons for public to defend against it.
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Pros and Cons of Abortion Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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