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The Effects of Healthy Eating and Exercise on the Human Life Span - Research Paper Example

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This paper “The Effects of Healthy Eating and Exercise on the Human Life Span” shall discuss the premise that some exercise makes a man healthy, and thus, he can lead a longer and happier life.  It shall emphasize on positive effects of adopting a healthy lifestyle. …
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The Effects of Healthy Eating and Exercise on the Human Life Span
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Healthy Eating and Exercise on the Human Life Span"

Download file to see previous pages Inasmuch as it can nourish our bodies, it can however also bring about different negative effects, ranging high cholesterol levels too high sugar levels in the system. It is therefore important to eat healthily and to choose food and nutrients which can promote and maintain our health. These healthy foods and nutrients help promote permanent weight loss (Healthy Eating, 2008). Eating healthy foods is about supplying the body with a balanced diet – a diet which is rich in the resources which are needed for proper functioning. These healthy elements include protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fat, and water (WebMd, 2010). These elements provide calories, which are burned by the body to produce energy for its daily functions. The portions of these elements should, however, be ingested at balanced and adequate proportions. Most of the time, when the food we eat contains too much fat and cholesterol, they get stored in our body – through excess body weight. Cholesterol can also be deposited in our arteries (WebMd, 2010). By eating a balanced diet, these fatty deposits are metabolized and eventually lost. By integrating healthy eating like a regular part of our lives, most people lose weight, and, more importantly, keep extra weight off.
 Eating healthy can also build up more energy for the conduct of daily activities. Eating snacks which are protein-based 30 minutes before a workout can supply much-needed energy for carrying out a vigorous workout (Romeo, 2007). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Effects of Healthy Eating and Exercise on the Human Life Span Research Paper, n.d.)
The Effects of Healthy Eating and Exercise on the Human Life Span Research Paper.
(The Effects of Healthy Eating and Exercise on the Human Life Span Research Paper)
The Effects of Healthy Eating and Exercise on the Human Life Span Research Paper.
“The Effects of Healthy Eating and Exercise on the Human Life Span Research Paper”.
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