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Health Needs Assessment among Internally Displaced People in Southern Darfur State - Term Paper Example

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The author of the "Health Needs Assessment among Internally Displaced People in Southern Darfur State" paper states that assessment of the health needs involves comparative, qualitative and epidemiological methods in the description of a population’s health problems…
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Health Needs Assessment among Internally Displaced People in Southern Darfur State
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Extract of sample "Health Needs Assessment among Internally Displaced People in Southern Darfur State"

Download file to see previous pages In the recent past, Sudan has gone through a very serious humanitarian crisis, rated by as among the worst in the world. This crisis has led to thousands of Sudanese being displaced from their homes. The crisis was a series of civil wars that have characterized the Southern Sudan regions, and quite recently the Darfur region. The conflict in the Darfur region is among the most recent crises in Sudan and has as a result drawn global attention. According to the UN, the Darfur conflict emerged as the worst crisis in the year 2003 as far as humanitarian aspects are concerned (UNEP/OCHA, 2004 pp 6).

So far, the Darfur crisis has led to the internal displacement of more than two million citizens. In the year 2008, the UN estimated the internally displaced persons in the Darfur region at around four million, making it the largest IDP population in the world. About 667,000 of these IDPs are located in the Southern Darfur State (USAID, 2007 pp 3).
The Darfur state is about 1,200 kilometers (or 745 miles) west of Sudan’s capital city, Khartoum. The region occupies an area of approximately 137,807 square kilometers and shares a border with the Central Africa Republic in the southwest, and Chad. The Darfur region is endowed with a regional airport situated in the city of Nyala, which is the capital of the region, where most of the Darfurian IDPs fled to.

The majority of these IDPs are in 142 settlement camps in the city. Some of these camps; such as Muhajiria, Al Salam, Kass, and Karma, leading to high morbidity and mortality rates, according to the numerous aid agencies working in the region. The serious mortality indices were, as a result, very malnutrition problems. 

The general health situation for the IDPs is very bad and is in deterioration, mainly as a result of poor primary care and lack of equipped hospitals. In the recent past, some mobile clinics have been temporarily suspended in a number of refugee camps over the fear of safety for their staff, instability of these jobs, and a general reduced interest in taking up jobs in such high-risk areas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Needs Assessment among Internally Displaced People in Southern Term Paper.
(Health Needs Assessment Among Internally Displaced People in Southern Term Paper)
Health Needs Assessment Among Internally Displaced People in Southern Term Paper.
“Health Needs Assessment Among Internally Displaced People in Southern Term Paper”.
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