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The paper "Rationale for the Evolution State of Healthcare" mentions of the major changes that occurred when the Obama administration took overpower. In addition, it identifies the challenges that have risen during the implementation and the importance of universal health insurance coverage…
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Rationale for the Evolution State of Healthcare
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This paper talks about healthcare reform an issue that has polarized the electorate in U.S.A more than any other nation. 
The rationale for the Evolution State of Healthcare
The Americans have had issues with their healthcare insurance for quite some time due to its implementation and management. In comparison with other western countries, the United State of America has spent more on health care than any other nation, despite the enormous expense of health care, the universal standards of health such as life expectation and infant mortality are not as elevated as those of different nations (Simon, 2010).
Nevertheless, things have changed since the Obama administration took overpower. National health insurance plan administered by the federal government as a substitute for private health insurance is due to be proposed by President Obama. In essence, the congressional leaders argue that by reducing the cost of healthcare, the universal health insurance plan will actually reduce the national arrears.
Health care crisis in America is marked by three-dimensional challenges; one is the escalating costs of health care, the restricted access to care and its threat to retirement security (Simon, 2010). First, the escalation of the health care caused by the quick change from the usual reimbursement system to a capitation system which is more of cost-sharing than the insurance having to cater for all medical bills to the extent of forcing the doctor to attend on patient partially hence not genuine medical cover.
Second, is that not most people are able to access to care because they are not well up. This means that preventive care is basically non-existence to them and they can only attend to medical care when critically ill and require urgent and pricey treatment. (Simon, 2010). Third, is the growing cost of health care as compared to the incomes of those who pay for it. This makes the standards of living and economic security of those people who retire at more risk. Read More
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