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The Elements in St Jamess New Approach - Research Paper Example

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 The aim of this paper is to identify the elements in St James’s new approach that could be seen as deriving from JIT and Lean principles of manufacturing. This paper will also hint to further ideas from JIT and Lean manufacturing that could be applied in a hospital setting…
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The Elements in St Jamess New Approach
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Download file to see previous pages   JIT is a division of Lean Manufacturing. It offers scope for reducing inventories and introducing ways and means to improve productivity by planning optimal use of resources by the elimination of all activities that do not add value and/or are safety nets, maximum use of scarce resources like capacity, manpower, and capital becomes achievable. (, 2007) It also results in value addition for the customer, improved bottom line, elimination of wastage and enhanced the productivity of employees (, 2007). This is the ultimate objective of Lean Design.
In contrast, other methods try to automate the current business process and while implementing, there is a risk of simply automating the waste. With them, quality is an issue that is left for other standards like ISO etc.
Just in Time is also a simple method to implement as we will identify some of the main elements of it in our case study, it also maximizes the velocity of service and improves customer needs. For these reasons, Just in Time is now a widely adopted focusing philosophy for on customer value-adding activities through eliminating wastes and striving towards continuous improvement (Wiki Encyclopedia, 2007). JIT can be applied to the service industry, like hospitals, as these two need to work on timelines and deliver value for money.
The elements in St James's new approach that could be seen as deriving from JIT and Lean principles of manufacturing
Presently at St James, a system is offered that has some measures of savings as well as bringing about economies in workloads. The areas currently covered are purchases and admission procedures of one surgical ward.
For cost-effective measures, it has already adopted some lean technologies, specifically the Just in Time (JIT) system and some Kanban methods have been adopted to streamline supplies as per requirements.
1. Cost Reduction
A cross-functional task force of personnel from medical and supply staff found that as many as 20 glove types were purchased for use by surgeons at a cost 1 per pair supplied by several suppliers. This was brought down to 20 pence per pair, by standardizing and buying fewer types and sourcing from one supplier who reduced prices due to higher quantities required. Likewise, a single source was used for anesthetic items and these too could be bought for at lower cost. It was found that single sourcing coupled with volume purchases brought down the costs substantially. There was one more development. The supplier was happier to deliver small quantities against a bulk order. This resulted in low inventories and reduced wastage. This also made material handling a lot easier for both inward and outward movements.
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