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Practice and Evaluation of Health Intervention - Research Proposal Example

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Employees of two organizations were targeted to be part of this evaluation study. The aim was to motivate and change the eating behaviour of these employees from more fat consumption to more fruits and vegetables and less fat intake.
The intervention package has been well described and defined…
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Practice and Evaluation of Health Intervention Research Proposal
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Extract of sample "Practice and Evaluation of Health Intervention"

Download file to see previous pages As this package is used by the study subjects on her/his own leisure time. The use may be incomplete by some study subject depending upon the schedule of that specific subject or the perception of the study subject may be different for a specific topic illustrated in the IMM. The reception of the intervention message and then providing information related to it to questionnaire may be influenced.
The intervention was valued and assessed by using explicit and descriptive criteria. All the elements of intervention were given due importance and the criteria to assess that specific element was comprehensively pointed out.
In this research study a combination of evaluation design have been used. The over all design is randomized control experimental category but within this major design before after strategy has also been utilized to compare the before after status of the study subjects in the TI category.
This is an experimental evaluation carried out as internal evaluation. So there is probability of introduction of evaluator bias or conflict of interest which is inborn characteristic of internal evaluation.
There were two types of organizations involved in the recruitment of the study subjects. But these two types of organizations are entirely different from each other as far as their scope of work and in turn types of employees present in these two organizations are concerned. At the same time the environment often two organizations would also be different. One organization is hospital and other is a corporation. There are chances that study subjects who were recruited from the hospital they may have more knowledge and insight in health related issues, even they are not medical/paramedical staff, than the subjects from the corporation. This way they may an influence of their knowledge on responding to the questionnaire. Explicit information on the proportion of study subjects recruited in both the groups from two study sites should have been provided which would have been helpful in commenting on this issue.
Characteristics of study subjects
At the baseline level there are differences in the demographic characteristics of study subjects assigned to two groups. There were three times more study subjects in Hispanic category in WI group than in TI group. Ethnicity may play some role in the response; some groups have their own eating habits and contents of diet. It may take more time to respond to the intervention package and this category has more representation in WI group.
Similarly, in TI group more representati ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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