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Wrist sprain of palmar ligaments-hyperextension injury (Tennis) - Research Paper Example

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To comprehend wrist sprain of palmar ligaments, it is important to explain what the term sprain means. According to Hertling and Kessler (2006), the word sprain is incorporated in sports health when individuals who have at one time experienced a slight shock or strain experience pain on the wrist…
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Wrist sprain of palmar ligaments-hyperextension injury (Tennis)
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Extract of sample "Wrist sprain of palmar ligaments-hyperextension injury (Tennis)"

Download file to see previous pages The identification of this condition is involves elimination. To effectively identify this condition, medical practitioners must have to eliminate certain conditions such as ruptures or breakage of the bone, shocking and painful volatility, as well as ripping of tendons. Incidents of individuals having sprains involving ligaments of the wrist are widespread and in most times contributes to constant hurting or twinge in the wrist n instances where these cases are not dealt with immediately. This paper summarizes the anatomical structures involved, common mechanisms of injury, common symptoms, recommendations for modifications of general exercise, criteria for return to sport, future injury prevention, and rehabilitation through each stage of healing; namely inflammatory, proliferative, and maturation stages. Anatomical structures involved and common mechanism of injury According to Hammer (2005), the anatomical structures involved are the ligaments of the wrist. When playing tennis, an accidental fall may sometimes break or crack a muscle of the wrist. This sprain happens in a particular manner. Having an accidental fall while holding out your hand appears to compel the wrist to extend more than normal. In explaining the fall, Hertling and Kessler (2006) posits that “Because the fall on the outstretched hand tends to force the wrist into hyperextension, the palmar radiolunate and palmar lunocapitate ligaments tend to be sprained” (p. 417). Sometimes, a tennis player may fall and hit the back side of the hand. This compels the part between the hand and the arm to tremendous palmar flexion. Consequently, a wrench or injury of the tendons occurs. Common symptoms The major symptom of this injury is tremendous pain in the ligaments of the wrist. This pain is typically contained and limited to a region within the injury. It is however important to point out that the pain is experienced when the individual is playing tennis hence exercising the wrist. The act of putting the wrist into extensive exercise strains or gives pressure to the injured tendon. The wrist may also be inflamed a little bit and soft. Serious sprains may be accompanied by bruising and darkening of the skin at the injured region (Hewetson, Austin & Gwynn-Brett, 2009). Modifications to general exercise There are certain activities that should be avoided while healing a sprain of the palmar ligament. An abrasion of the tendon may not necessarily be pressured tremendously by reflexive and flaccid movement of any part of the body. Therefore reflexive movements done carefully are recommended. Inclining frontward conveys and spreads the body weight all the way through every part of the arm and hand. This is not advisable in the process of healing as it replicates hurting or twinge (Souza, 2009). Exercising the joint in a manner that creates pressure on the tendons or muscles is not recommended in the process of healing. Controlled and restrictive support of the joint and tendon would be of significance in exercising twinge reprieve. Striking the injured region gently offer support and as well aids in decreasing hurting. On the other hand, action of movement that elevates the level of hurting should be scrutinized and studied as certain alterations and adjustments to these movements may lessen the level of hurting. Rubbing down the injured region increases movement from one end to another of the pressured tendon. In less serious sprains, pain and other indications of injury may lessen in about three days but more serious sprains may take months to heal (McKeag & Moeller, 2007). Therefore, an exercise plan should be developed on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wrist Sprain of Palmar Ligaments-Hyperextension Injury (Tennis) Research Paper.
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