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An assessment of customer satisfaction among clients of University Hospitals in Ghana - Research Paper Example

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An Assessment of Customer Satisfaction among Clients of University Hospitals in Ghana Name: Lecturer: Institution: Course: Date: Abstract The research project provided succinct background information about the health care system in Ghana. The main research objective was identified since the research was interested in finding the level of customer satisfaction among varied university hospitals in Ghana…
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An assessment of customer satisfaction among clients of University Hospitals in Ghana
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Extract of sample "An assessment of customer satisfaction among clients of University Hospitals in Ghana"

Download file to see previous pages Statistical analysis was carried out and later research findings provided. The conclusion was included that provided a brief summary of what was disused in the research project. An Assessment of Customer Satisfaction among Clients of University Hospitals in Ghana Introduction/Background The healthcare system in Ghana has been concerned about provision of high quality of healthcare services to all citizens. However, improvements in quality service provisions have been slow partly because advanced activities have received insufficient priority (Turkson, 2009; Folland, Goodman and Stano, 2010; Hordacre, Taylor, Pirone and Adams, 2009).Given the diversity of health care system across Africa, the improvements in health care system would be contingent upon the convergence of commitment and equitable distribution of resources within the system (Odeyemi and Nixon, 2013; Hutchinson, Do and Agha, 2011). Ghana is one of the African countries that have made significant efforts to improve health care systems in varied places across the country through decentralizing governing structures by linking them with the health system to communities, as well as, improving information systems to enable better service delivery and easy accessibility. Research Objectives Main Objective The research will attempt to examine the level of customer satisfaction among varied clients of university hospitals in Ghana. Specific Objective To examine the extent to which patients are satisfied to their health care services providers among varied clients of university hospitals in Ghana. Problem Statement The research studies of customer satisfaction among clients in many leading university hospitals have been conducted; thus varied scholars have attempted to offer their views on this aspect. According to Nketiah-Amponsah and Hiemenz (2009), quality of services is gaining momentum in many healthcare systems across the globe; thus many hospitals have made significant efforts to reform the system in order to deliver effective services that satisfy their clients. Many hospitals fail to recognize the satisfaction of patients and yet this is one of the significant components of assessing the health care quality services (Akazili, Adjuik, Jehu-Appiah and Zere, 2008; Ansah Ofei, 2011; Hoerger, Finkelstein and Bernard, 2011). The quality of healthcare is confined to clinical efficiency, economic effectiveness and incorporation of social acceptability as well as accountability; thus these are among the main determinants of effective health care quality services. Literature Review The measures of client satisfaction in healthcare system have been proven to be the major significant aspect for improving the health care systems (Bazant and Koenig, 2009; Institute of medicine, 2009; Mallik, Hall and Howard, 2009). The patient satisfaction is the major aspect for measuring quality outcome in many hospitals (Verbeek et al., 2011; Khaled, and Bassey, 2009; Mallik, Hall, Howard and Sinclair, 2010). The extent to which patients are satisfied with the healthcare service providers is one of the major factors underpinning their health behavior and health care utilization (Roger and Anita, 2013; Fredrik & Jostein, 2010 Rogers, Randolph and Mastroianni, 2009; Roger, 2012). Ofili and Ofovwe (2009) argue that many factors influence patient’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Assessment of Customer Satisfaction Among Clients of University Research Paper.
“An Assessment of Customer Satisfaction Among Clients of University Research Paper”, n.d.
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