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Communication in the Planning Process - Research Paper Example

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Communication in the Planning Process Name of Institution Date Communication in the Planning Process Introduction Woodhead, Ashley, Atkinson and Moore (2010) affirm that healthcare delivery is an entity that requires a high level of interaction among the parties involved in the healthcare ecosystem…
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Communication in the Planning Process
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Extract of sample "Communication in the Planning Process"

Download file to see previous pages The creation of strategies within a health organization may be at the local or national level thus communication forms a very critical role in the in the dissemination of information to all the stakeholders involved. The various connections that exist in the healthcare setting are the connection between the physicians, patients, and other clinicians as well as the family members of the patient. All these connections require effective communication for better delivery of the service. Role of Communication in the Planning Process Corcoran (2007) points out that communication plays a very important role in the strategic planning process within a health organization in that the communication process has the ability to aid coordination between the various connections that exist within the healthcare setting. In the modern health care setting, the health care administration and delivery has become highly fragmented thus health care units should be well coordinated in order to provide high quality services. In the light of the above therefore all the health care givers must have knowledge on the effective utilization of communication to enable them to coordinate critical services within the organization. ...
Improvement in the communication techniques within an organization helps to improve the rate at which the staff members understand and integrate new strategies in the healthcare set up. Corcoran (2007) points out that the improvement in technology has helped in modernizing the way the doctors share information among the health care channels. The use of web based collaboration has enabled the medical staff to share data and or images of different patients. This web based collaboration enables communication through a unified channel which enables a seamless change among various channels. This type of communication enables more than one party to communicate thus the elaboration of various strategies within the health care organization is made effective through this type of communication. The management should be able to understand and acknowledge that organizations need a high degree of communication which commences with effective communication skills like listening, sharing the feedback as well as having the ability to question a process. Asserting the requirement of clarification as well as having the desire to communicate makes the implementation of various strategies more effective (Borkowski, 2005). In the case of emergencies, communication is usually important in that it helps in reaching out to the required people to respond to the emergencies. Such emergencies usually require more staff members to help in relieving other staff members who have been on duty for a long period of time or to bring in additional resources to help in the emergency. Through all this, communication is very important in reaching out to these staff members thus enabling them to act effectively. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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