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Ultrasound Technician Profession - Research Paper Example

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Ultrasound Technician Profession Name Institutional Affiliation Ultrasound Technician Profession An Ultrasound technician is one who qualifies to use ultrasound technology and equipment to improve the internal parts of the human body. An ultrasound technician works on the ultrasound machine technically…
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Ultrasound Technician Profession
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Extract of sample "Ultrasound Technician Profession"

Download file to see previous pages Mostly, ultrasound technicians work in hospitals but can choose to work in other health care facilities or medical and diagnostic laboratories as suggested by Taylor (2008). An ultrasound technician works in an area that correlates with his or her field of study. Such departments include neurology, musculoskeletal sonography, obstetrics, echocardiography, gastroenterology and ophthalmology. They also have the responsibility of preparing the patients before examination. They first notify the patient about the whole procedure. They check the patient’s medical history before they perform the procedure. An ultra technician examines the images on the equipment screen so as to monitor all the abnormalities in a patient. He or she then keeps the images as a record for the patients’ medical record. The ultrasound technician also is required to maintain the equipments and tools used during the ultrasound procedure. The ultrasound technician also performs calculations or measurements which form the basis of their reports (Mantke and Peitz, 2007). An ultrasound technician is supposed to have a strong academic background. A prospective ultrasound technician’s good performances in mathematics and health sciences in general are of great importance. An ultrasound technician also requires a bachelor’s degree from a well recognized university in order to become certified. However, he or she can also become certified by undertaking a two year ultrasound technology course in a community college. Most ultrasound technicians often undertake a two year Associates’ degree course. Ultrasound technical training may also be offered in some hospitals that provide such programs (Education Portal, 2012). The estimated cost for training an ultrasound technician runs from $4,000 for basic certification, to as high as $30,000 for the acquisition of a degree. A diagnostic imaging school training run by a hospital can cost $4,000 since it involves classroom sessions as well as direct interaction with patients as part of the study. Job opportunities in this area are many since ultrasound profession is becoming extremely popular worldwide. It involves a tedious technical task that comes with good earnings. While one is training, specifically in a hospital, the possibility of him or her getting a job with that the hospital is high Schlapa (2007). Most organizations hire people who have experience and are extremely skilled at work. Technicians who promptly provide volunteer services with a full commitment and interest are preferred for the job. Experience and personal capabilities are particularly beneficial when it comes to pay and career prospects. An average Ultrasound technician earns around $55,000 per year (Education Portal, 2012). Ultrasound claims a multispecialty of fields. The different areas of occupation include neurologic profession; abdominal, gynecologic, cardiac sonography and vascular technology among other emerging fields according to Schlapa (2007). Some professional activities in this area include diagnostic cytology, diagnostic medical ultrasound and nuclear medicine technology. A cytologist is a health professional who deals with detecting and diagnosing cellular cancer. An ultrasound technician who deals with diagnostic medical ultrasound collects detailed information on atomic, psychological and pathological state of an individual according to Wallace (2001). A nuclear ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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