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Organizations that Provide Consumers with Provider Performance Information - Research Paper Example

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Healthcare is a major issue in American society that is clearly discussed by media, politicians, individuals and businesses. Since the American society has array of different ethnicities, one must observe the enactment of healthcare programs amongst different ethnicities…
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Organizations that Provide Consumers with Provider Performance Information
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Download file to see previous pages In essence, this report was an “eye-opener” because it revealed some significant information about ethnic disparities that plague our society. Hence, the three intermediaries that provide customer information is Central DuPage Hospital, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, and Walgreens. Central DuPage Hospital is one of the most prominent hospitals that has been the forefront runners in providing nutrition in healthcare. CDH conducts patients for nutritional risks by obtaining height and weight for BMI purposes. Nurses and dieticians are majority in charge of handling patient’s nutritional status. Most patients that are sick tend to lose weight and must be supplemented with proper amount of food and nutrients. Conducive research indicates that as many as 65% of elderly patients are malnourished when they enter the hospital while in the hospital. Without having the proper nutritional assessment, it is highly illogical and difficult to monitor their status. The Employee Assistance Program of Central DuPage Hospital offers a positive and a collaborative approach to helping both individuals and organizations find solutions for everyday problems. In addition, it also offers feedback to its consumers through surveys and other qualities assessments. The demographics they provide to is elderly since it is their largest target market. They also provide information to other patients who utilize the hospital services. This project is run by the Chairman of the Hospital as the individual is legally obligated to follow these protocols. I think all individuals will find this information useful because it allows them to evaluate hospital services. More importantly, mothers who are thinking to stay in the hospitals for their maternity leave will definitely appreciate this. Another organization that provides customer information is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. With the implementation of HIPAA, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois strives to protect its customers information. Both the HIPPA and ACA are one of the most driving forces in the healthcare industry because they force insurance companies to completely define their strategic mission. HIPPA, is the health reform act that mandates and administers the standards for Electronic Data interchange transactions. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) resulted from a bill sponsored by Senators Nancy Kassebaum and Edward Kennedy, who acknowledge the integrity of customer data. This act dramatically impacts the healthcare industry as it forces them to increase the task force of Internal auditing that is also associated with the Sarbanes-Oxley Guide. HIPAA was signed into law in 1996. Electronic transactions have also been under the scope of this act due to the fact that information systems have been dramatically evolving, which poses a risk for the avenues of how information is transmitted. Since HIPAA puts strict regulations in patient information, blue cross blue shield was force to renovate its strategy. Due to HIPAA and ACA, blue cross blue shield was forced to think of new strategies. For example, it used the benchmark principle to tell the hospitals to reduce its cost by 10%, which was indirect method. A more direct approach would be to tell the hospital to directly cut the staff. In this particular scenario, blue cross blue shield gave full control to the hospital to reduce its cost which could mean eliminating paper waste, cutting salaries, reducing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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