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Alternative and holistic medicine and health - Research Paper Example

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This paper tries to gather related information about alternative and holistic medicine and their immediate impacts on health. The author points out the difference between alternative medicine and western medicine and their specific approaches, holism versus reductionism…
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Alternative and holistic medicine and health
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Extract of sample "Alternative and holistic medicine and health"

Download file to see previous pages According to the World Health Organization, alternative medicine is considered traditional medicine which includes “herbal medicines, animal parts, and or minerals, and nonmedication therapies such as acupuncture, manual therapies, and spiritual therapies” (Muto 92). Based on the above definitions, it is clear that alternative medicine has been distinctively categorized outside the bound of western medicine in which medical practitioners consider themselves more politically reliable. This is due to the fact that western medicines are based on high standard academic and scientific principles that are viewed based on logic based on what the human mind can contain within the context of existing human knowledge and principles. Thus, it is not hard after all to understand what alternative medicine all about and how it differs from western medicine. The only difference between them which can be highly obvious at some point is their approach and how they are perceived in accordance to culture and time. Thus, alternative medicine is a broad concept considering that there are other cultures trying to integrate it within the politically predominant health care system. For instance, fluid made out from herbal plants is allowed by doctors as treatment for dengue fever which is due to various testimonies about its healing power. However, researches and studies regarding this issue are ongoing in order to go much deeper in this treatment with more scientific principles and bases. Holistic medicine In holistic medicine, positive well being is emphasized instead of the absence of disease, which makes its point clear that it has to highlight two important things: promotion of health and prevention of disease (Hoffmann 7). This approach requires much of an...
The study “Alternative and holistic medicine and health” explores in deeper sense the importance of alternative and holistic medicines in the human health. Apart from western medicine, people have substantial ideas about alternative medicine and it seems it is quite hard to create significant definition about it considering variations of view point towards it. For instance, acupuncture is considered an alternative medicine in the United States, but it is considered traditional medicine in China. The definition of alternative medicine is therefore dependent on particular culture and time. It is in this reason that alternative medicine poses challenges to existing societal beliefs and practices regarding cultural, economic, scientific, medical and educational issues. It is also in this reason that those medical doctors might have considered alternative medicine as quackery knowing the fact that some practices within it are not included in what they have studied in the medical school, which basically is rooted on scientific principles. In holistic medicine, positive well-being is emphasized instead of the absence of disease, which makes its point clear that it has to highlight two important things: promotion of health and prevention of disease. This approach requires much of an individual’s responsibility. Thus, in holistic medicine, prevention is better than cure. A patient under holistic medicine cannot be an active participant in prevention of cancer once he or she already contracted the disease. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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