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The Loss of Skilled Workers in the Professional Fields as the Population Ages is a Critical Problem in Health Care - Research Paper Example

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The loss of skilled workers in the professional fields as the population ages is a critical problem in health care The average life expectancy in countries with low birth rate and better health care facilities has significantly increased over the decades resulting into a corresponding increase in the old population…
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The Loss of Skilled Workers in the Professional Fields as the Population Ages is a Critical Problem in Health Care
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Download file to see previous pages As population control measures are increasingly being implemented in the developing countries and the medical care facilities are also improving, the population of old people is also increasing in them. The population of old people in the developing countries is expected to see an increase of 140 per cent till 2030 (National Institute of Aging, 2007, p. 2). people all over the world have started to live longer with the passage of time. Along with the increase in the volume of old population, there has occurred a consistent decrease in the young and skilled population that would be employed in such professions as medicine, engineering and nursing. This has exposed the health care industry to different kinds of challenges. This paper discusses some challenges that the health care industry is currently facing because of the declining young and increasing old population. Skilled workers serving in the professional fields make the bulk of the educated lot in any society. Nobody but people belonging to the very community best cooperate with the health care workers. Educated people know the significance of taking regular medical checkup and are able to understand the advice and instructions of the health care workers. People who are undereducated do not seek regular medical guidance and when the consequences show up, they are the first ones to complain about the inadequacy of the health care facilities. ...
Certainly, medicine is one of the professional fields and lack of skilled workers in the professional fields means a corresponding lack in the number of qualified and competent health care providers. Thus, lack of the skilled workers exposes the health care providers to a dual challenge. They not only have to deal with less cooperative and more fussy mass, but they also have to take extra load because of insufficient staff. As the population of indigenous young and skilled workers has declined, there has been an emphasis upon the need to make the immigration policies increasingly flexible in order to encourage more and more skilled people from the developing countries to serve in the professions in the developed countries. “The size and productivity of the labor force limits the quantity of goods and services that can be produced” (US Department of Labor, 2011). In order to address the needs of the population, productivity has to be increased which is not possible to achieve without expanding the volume of the labor force. Allowing more people from the developing countries to live and work in the countries with insufficient young and talented labor force brings a solution to the shortage. Although the resulting multiculturalism has benefited the advanced economies on the whole in numerous ways, yet it has also exposed them to different kinds of risks. In the past few decades, with an increase in the number of immigrants, various cases of deadly diseases have shown up one of which is the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). In the one year between 2004 and 2005, the number of AIDS cases increased by 10 per cent with a total of 45000 new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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