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Veterans health care system from the hated 60's to the great system today - Term Paper Example

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Your Name Name of Instructor Veteran’s Health Care System from the Hated 60's to the Great System Today Introduction In the early 1960s, Vietnam veterans faced hard times in acquiring quality health care. Women were solely expected to care for their family’s illnesses, and doctors were only summoned in cases of serious or life threatening illnesses…
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Veterans health care system from the hated 60s to the great system today
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Download file to see previous pages There were also no medical insurance covers, but only the loyal class could afford them. This caused many deaths among the veterans, and in 1967 it was reported that about 6,798 deaths resulted from poor medical health care. The 1960s was the period of world war that saw many people suffering from mental health resulting from stress and trauma. On the other hand, many veterans were left with readjustment problems. Unfortunately medical care was not only unavailable in adequate amounts but was also of poor quality. Mental health problems also resulted from troubling war aspects, disillusionment and home experiences. Post-Vietnam Syndrome was recognized in 1980, and this resulted from activism and continued pressure. The post-Vietnam Syndrome, also called Post Traumatic Disorder (PTSD) by Statistical and diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders. The treatment methods of Vietnam Veterans against War (VVAW) formed the basis for today’s PSTD treatment (Christian 364). Therefore, the 60’s were terrible health care for Vietnam’s veterans and mental health. ...
It was in 1978 that veterans were discovered to be suffering from other related illnesses like cancer, which were linked to herbicide exposures like Agent Orange. VVAW forced the government to not only test people, but also treat and compensate them of those poisons. In 1969, Agent Orange study was mandated and in 1962, herbicide manufacturers were sued by the veterans. 200, 000 claimants were compensated $180 million by Monsanto and Dow Chemical companies (Richard 54). The veterans suffered much, in terms of receiving quality medical services, because they were seen as anti-Americans and unpatriotic. In 1960, the government was sued by the veterans for failing to study Agent Orange as ordered in 1969 by the congress (Richard 67). The study led to significant improvements in the health care system, and the effects of contaminations by herbicides were reduced. Centers for disease control were also established in many parts of Vietnam. Health care costs were also too expensive for the veterans to afford. Though health insurance plans had started operating even before World War I, very few could afford such covers. However, Henry Kaiser actively educated people on the importance of group hospitalization plans, to help them cater for their medical bills. After the World War II, health care services have seen marked improvements physical therapists, and X-ray technicians, how are able to effectively deal with mental illnesses, plus other health disorders. As much of this time was characterized by war, healthcare delivery services were also negatively affected. Doctors and nurses were also few, and not committed to health care provision. Many people, therefore, died or suffered for long from curable diseases. The greatest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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