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Human Resource Management: The case of Hospital - Research Paper Example

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There are many issues that we face during our working careers. The practical application of the learnt concepts is often difficult and more complex than we actually expect. The profession of healthcare services requires closer attention to be given as this profession involves people’s life, well-being and development. …
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Human Resource Management: The case of Hospital
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Download file to see previous pages The hospital that I work for follows evidence based human resource strategy in that it focuses on the organizational objective of maintaining the quality of services. Every aspect of the human resource management is based on the view that it supports the quality of service that is provided to the users. The hospital maintains a good reputation by continuously motivating employees on quality assurance to the end users, recruiting staff who is best suitable for the job under question, training employees for emergencies and regular activities of the hospital, relationship management and supporting a sound compensation system to meet the requirements or expectations of the employees. In maintaining staff satisfaction as well as clients’ quality needs to be met, there was a need to formulate a strategy that motivates employees in participating in the decisions, activities and successful running of the hospital. Shared Decision making is a process which helped a lot in maintaining the quality of care in health organization. It is used as a motivational tool in our hospital to involve and integrate the employees within the hospital. Staff satisfaction is greatly dependent on how comfortable they are at their workplaces. The more they feel close to the organization the higher they strive to maintain the quality of the service (Sethi & Schuler, 1989). Motivational techniques and tools help in maintaining a system where employees are continuously involved in improving the systems of the hospital. Employees are more interested in the benefits that they achieve by improving their performance. The motivational tools to develop the thought of improvement leading to some monetary or reputational benefit...
It is evident that human resource department does not only ensure effective management of the human assets but also aids the strategic success of the organizations. The strategic goals can be incorporated in every step of the human resource management to align the results with the core objectives of the organization. Human resource management, if effectively carried out, brings greater and long term success to the organization as it works to satisfy the employees affecting their performance. The strategies used by human resource department vary at each level from the recruitment to termination level but the choice is dependent on the nature and objectives of the organization under consideration. My personal experience with the hospital is extensive due to the effective and efficient human resource management in place. The job satisfaction, working environment and flexibility it provides encourages my long-term commitment and improved performance in my professional career within this hospital. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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