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Drug abuse - Research Paper Example

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Unless we know the reasons why there are more drug users in high school students than college students, policy measures to control will not be correct…
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Drug abuse

Download file to see previous pages... 4.This view is contradicted by Michael Kuhar who used brain imagery in research. II. Description of two authors on the most commonly used drugs l. marijuana the most popular drugs among the youth. 2. prescription medicines 3.generation fad medicines III. Dangers of drug abuse 1. Reports show the risk of drugged driving 2. Getting affected with HIV and Hepatitis C are some of the Health Risks of Unclean Needles. IV .Proofs that the number of college students who use drugs is less than high school students a. A news report that college student using drugs is on the rise but the number is less than high school student users. b .Study comparing the rise of drug use between 1993 and 2005 V. How do we know that someone is addicted? a. There are warning signs at home and school b. There are Psychological and emotional changes on the user VI. The difference on reasons of high school users and college users is a question for research a. Reasons of high school students b. Reasons of college students VII. Drug users in high school and college have different reasons for using drugs. A wider study is needed in order to adopt policy measures to solve the problem. VIII. Works cited Why are there more drug users in high school students than college students? Drug abuse has been a big problem of society for a long time. People are witnesses to its harmful effects. The debilitating effects have been announced repeatedly to the public through the internet and various media; yet, abuse of drugs is still rampant, particularly among the youth. Drug use starts at an early age particularly among high school students. Why is this so, what makes them be attracted to its use? ...
Objective of the research is to qualify the reasons so that proper policy measures could be done to avoid drug abuse. I am a high school student, and most often I am not aware that someone is starting to use drugs because it does not manifest itself on early stages. Drug abuse is defined as a compulsive, excessive, and self-damaging or habit forming drugs or substances leading to addiction or dependence, serious physical injury (such as damage to kidneys, liver, heart) and or psychological harm (such as dysfunctional behavior patterns, hallucinations, memory loss) or death ”(Business Dictionary). I always thought high school students are too young for that stuff but statistics proved me wrong because in 2001, there are 15.9 million Americans aged 12 or older who are illicit users.(Drug Abuse in America 2001). This figure represents 7.1 percent of the population aged 12 years or older. There are also more male users than female, and by race, there are more whites than black who use drugs; Asians youths have the lowest reported cases. Studies said that drug use is correlated with educational level, that there are more drug users in high school than those who are in college. “Indicators of Severity” as reported by the United States of Agriculture (USDA) studies show that children who start drug use at an early age (14 or younger) is a predictor of drug abuse and dependence.” They are more likely to develop drug problems than those who started later in life, in high school or in college. According to “Indicators…”, start of drugs use begins at the age of 15 and 18 and reaches a peak during senior stage in high school, ages 17 to 23. If one continues using drugs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Perscription drug abuse
This can lead to drug addiction and also has adverse effects on health and physical appearance. Medicines that most commonly come under the criteria of drug abuse are pain killers, anti depressants and stimulants. Usually individuals take medicines for the causes their consultants prescribe them however studies have shown that approximately 20% individuals in the United States of America use medicines other than the reasons that have been prescribed to them.
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Drug Abuse Research Paper
The general conclusions and propositions are an indication that quantitative research was also done in order to support the facts in this report. Informed assertions, is the knowledge one gets through observation of the events around them. This was also employed in the report to relate what the reader knows to what the author is explaining.
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Drug Abuse
The society today is poisoned with all sorts of banned substances that end up in the custody of juveniles in one way or the other, who end up consuming them inappropriately thereby putting their lives on the line, as well as clouding the future of the society as a whole. One in every three juveniles in America has had contact with drugs.
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