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Schizophrenia - Research Paper Example

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Schizophrenia Name: University: Introduction Schizophrenia is a disabling medical condition that Eugen Bleuler originally made up in the year 1911. It makes the patient exhibit altered behaviors, emotions, perceptions and thoughts (Tsuang, Faraone and Glatt 2011)…
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Download file to see previous pages... Essentially, schizophrenia brings major transformations in the patient’s social and psychological functioning, which are generally, enduring or sporadic. In some patients, these changes can occasionally be transient (Birchwood, Birchwood and Jackson, 2001). This mental disorder is accountable for much of the populace's morbidity since it is a regularly immobilizing disorder. It has an annual rate of recurrence of 18 to 20 cases for every 100,000 and its climax age of commencing is different in both women men and (Gilmore, 2010). Schizophrenia normally begins between the late adolescence and the mid-30s, but commencement prior to adolescence is not common (Long, 2009). Podosyan (2009) specifically points out that for men; the typical commencement age is in the late 20s while for women, it is in the early 20s. He further explains that later on in life, women are more likely to have a “first break” and as a result, around one third of them have a commencement of ill health after the age of thirty. Amongst the minor socio-economic groups, the condition is diagnosed disproportionately. Schizophrenia can also commence later in life for example after the age of age forty-five years, although this is not frequent. The disorder generally starts gradually with a pre-psychotic stage of increasing negative symptoms such as explosions of anger, bad hygiene and cleanup, loss of concern in work or in school, strange behavior and social withdrawal. After a few months or years later, a psychotic phase ensues some with delusions, illusions, or disgustingly muddled behavior and speech. Individuals in whom schizophrenia begins in the later years of their 20's or 30's exhibit less evidence of cognitive damage or structural brain irregularities. Moreover, they display a better result and in most cases, women. Typically, this mental disorder persists regularly/constantly or for a lifetime. It is not usual for the patient to return to full normal functioning. In fact, some affected people display a continual worsening connected with brutal disability, yet other patients appear to have a steady course (Long, 2009). Tsuang and his co-authors (2011) further point to the fact that to the patients, the society, as well as the concerned families this mental disorder has innumerable consequences. The affected individual may exhibit several disruptions in their emotions, behaviors, normal thought processes, ability to see, hear, as well as to process information from their surrounding environment. The disturbance of such basic aspects of life can be crippling for the affected individuals and it can culminate into a years of sporadic hospitalizations, incapability, in addition to an interruption of household as well as social relationships springing from the lack of the patient’s ability to communicate and isolation, which may interchange with short episodes of unruly conduct. The stigma that comes with mental illnesses and the strain of taking care of a mentally ill member of one’s family can aggravate the withdrawal of a patient suffering from schizophrenia (Tsuang, Faraone and Glatt, 2011). Causes of schizophrenia The causative factors for schizophrenia are extensively said to have a neurobiological base. A major theory that explains its cause is the dopamine hypothesis. According to this theory, hyperactivity in the dopaminergic pathways of an individual’s brain causes schizophrenia. This theory agrees with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Even the smallest of diseases and disturbances can result in distortion of entire life and its activities. Schizophrenia is one of them; it is a kind of disorder that affects everything during the life time. The aim of this paper is to look into the various aspects of it, how it affects individuals, how it can be overcome, what impact it can have on an individual, how the course and nursing procedure should be conducted .
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Wexler et al (2009) conducted a study to analyze the deviation in cognition from normal levels. The deviation from normal in schizophrenics was found to be more than one standard deviation. These patients were called neuropsychological impaired (NPI). 20 to 25 % of schizophrenics were however found to have levels of cognition close to normal, this group of patients was named as neuropsychological near normal (NPNN) .
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When a person suffers from schizophrenia, they gradually lose their sense of reality and become unable to determine what is really there and what is a manifestation of their mental disorder. Scientists and doctors are working around the clock in the hopes of finding a more definite cure for schizophrenia.
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Therefore, the patients do not accurately detect what is real. Schizophrenia also involves an intense incapability to think clearly (Noll, 2007). The emotional and social response is intensely impaired. This is therefore a sophisticated disorder to the practitioners.
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At often instances, physicists have argued that schizophrenia relates with ethnographic factors. This particular notion will be examined in the following discussion in this section, where an ethnographic study will be performed with reference to archival works on schizophrenia (Kyziridis, 2005, pp.
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This terrifies them greatly, and makes them to withdraw their associations with family members and friends. These people have poor communication skills, and it is difficult to understand them when they talk. They may also sit for longer period of hours, just staring at the sky without talking, or engaging in any form of communication (Lieberman, Stroup and Perkins, 2012).
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The research on the disorder has so far improved with advancement in technology but this is only in developed countries. Introduction According to Rigby & Alexander (2008), schizophrenia is a complicated mental disease that has an effect on an individual, family members and the society.
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Types of schizophrenia include paranoid, catatonic, disorganized, undifferentiated, and residual schizophrenia. Diagnosis of the types of schizophrenia is made according to the predominant symptoms: positive, negative, or cognitive symptoms. Experts
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Consequently, they become agitated causing them to withdraw from the society. Schizophrenic individuals may appear perfectly okay until they start voicing their thoughts and fail to make sense
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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Schizophrenia is a severe chronic and brain disorder, which is characterized failure to distinguish what is
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