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The researcher of this study presents an overview of electronic health record technology, its applications and uses, process of transformation of manual information to digital details and finally how we can attain meaningful information to such records…
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Electronic Health Record (EHR)
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings it can therefore be said that at the present, information technology (IT) is playing a significant role in every walk of life. The electronic health record is a brilliant example of the latest IT applications. Basically, an electronic health record (EHR) is an approved or authenticated health record for a person that can be shared among several facilities and organizations. The basic purpose of using an EHR is to improve the performance and quality of health care which will eventually minimize costs associated with manual health care records management. At the present, governments in many countries around the world are trying to make sure that all their people have standardized electronic health records as well as all those records must include the similar details. However, its high implementation cost could be a major challenge in the acceptance of electronic health records. Moreover, an electronic health record is produced as well as maintained inside an organization, like that a hospital, medical clinic, integrated delivery network or physician office. Additionally, an electronic health record is a longitudinal record of the complete care offered to the patient at any place at any time. However, the longitudinal records can be kept in a national or regional health care information system. Hence, electronic health records which are custom-designed can be stored in any other health care organization (National Institutes of Health; TechTarget). This paper discusses some of the important aspects of an electronic health record technology. In this scenario, this research will present an overview of electronic health record technology, its applications and uses, process of transformation of manual information to digital details and finally how we can attain meaningful information to such records. An Overview of EHR Technology The majority of commercial electronic health records join together data from the large subsidiary services or departments, such as laboratory, pharmacy and radiology, through a wide variety of health care actions (i.e. medication administration records [MAR], nursing plans and medical physician orders). In other words, the use of an EHR system is the next step in the continuous development of healthcare sector that can reinforce the link between healthcare service providers and patients, because the data, and the appropriate and timely accessibility of it, allow health service providers to provide better care and make better decisions (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service; National Institutes of Health; TechTarget).   At the present, integrated aspects and characteristics concerned in any medical research center completely depend on the technology based systems implemented and data structures used by the technical teams. In this scenario, medical research centers can use the services of a number of subsidiary system dealers that are not essentially incorporated into the electronic health records. The electronic health records, consequently, can bring in data from the subsidiary systems with a custom interface or can offer interfaces that facilitate health service providers to access the storage systems throughout a portal. Given below are some of the major electronic health record systems that can develop a complete EHR arrangement: (National Institutes of Health; TechTarget) Administrative System Components Laboratory System Components Radiology System Components Pharmacy System Components Computerized Physician Order Entry Clinical Documentation General Application of EHRs In the past few years, Electronic Health Record systems are playing a significant role in our lives and offer a wide variety of tools for effectively managing healthcare services and operations. In fact, EHR systems are used to keep our personal information regarding healthcare aspects. In case of any medical and healthcare issue this information can be accessed quickly and accurately and an appropriate solution can be suggested. In this scenario ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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