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Method of validation and comparison between the sysmex CA1500 and sysmex CS2100i - Dissertation Example

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To date, worldwide laboratories use coagulometers or automated analyzers to analyze screening coagulogram, including Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT), Prothrombin Time (PT), and some institutes include fibrinogen assays too in this test…
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Method of validation and comparison between the sysmex CA1500 and sysmex CS2100i
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Extract of sample "Method of validation and comparison between the sysmex CA1500 and sysmex CS2100i"

Download file to see previous pages While both methods have many advantages they also ail from certain disadvantages. In photoelectrical method, the most significant limitation is the high degree of colored interferences in plasma samples such as hemolytic, iceteric or lipemic substance. The coagulation test results from these samples could lead to undetectable results. The degree of interferences, which limit the analytical capacity of the analyzers, varies depending upon the system that one uses for the test, including analyzer and reagent. Sysmex CS2100i is a fully automated new generation coagulation analyzer. The multi wave length detection feature of Sysmex CS2100i can reduce pre-analytical problem like the occurrence of plasma samples with varied interferences as high as 19.5%, 0.3%, and 0.3% for hemolytic, lipemic, and icteric specimens respectively. Sysmex CA 1500 system is a fully automated coagulation analyzer, which can quickly analyse large quantity of samples with high degree of accuracy. This fully automated system performs chromogenic, clotting and immunologic tests. Sysmex CA 1500 system with optional cap piercing is the most appropriate model for mid size laboratories one can perform chromogenic, clotting, and immunologic tests simultaneously, using this system. It can also perform multiple dilution analyzers (MDA) for detecting inhibitors at the time of factor assays and ensure correct identification if samples. The system offers true 15, parameter random access testing and provides both efficiency and flexibility for the laboratory. This system increases productivity by rapid turnaround time. The data analyzed from this system can be retained, displayed or can be printed, if needed. Technical Features of Sysmex CA-1500: • Sysmex CA-1500 is fully automated bench top coagulation analyzer with capacity up to 120 tests per hour. • Providing a good testing platform with a wide range of assays to customers with 15 selectable parameters. • Primary tube sampling with new technology of cap piercing • Requiring minimum skill for operation and suitable for multi functional laboratories. • Intelligent reflex testing and user defined automated reanalysis • Inbuilt QC system, which allows running, store, and managing QC on board giving system accuracy and compliance. Efficiency of Sysmex CA-1500: • 120PT tests per hour approximately. • 80PT/APTT simultaneous tests per hour approximately. • During factor assays testing, it detects inhibitors with multiple- dilutions analysis. Labor/Cost savings: • Saves technicians’ time through routine analysis and simultaneous calibrations. • Features the ability to load multiple lots of reagents or multiple bottles, and reducing preparation time. • Enhances technicians’ productivity with redilution, user- defined auto repeat and reflex testing. Ease of use: • Second generation cap piercing provides safety and productivity. • With bar code reader for positive STST ID of patients, sample and reagents, it eliminates manual input and increases safety. • At the time of aspiration, it ensures correct sample results by accurately identifying samples, using bar code reading. Test Menu: • D-dimer • Heparin determination • Thrombosis risk tests • Homeostasis assays Specifications: • Auto sample: capacity of 50 samples (rack) • Principles: Chromogenics -Colorimetric Method Principles: Clotting-Scattered light Detection Method, Percentage End Point Detection Method • Principles: Immunological-Turbid Metric Method. Sysmex CS2100i Coagulation Analyzer is a new generation, fully automated analyser; its multi wave ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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