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Social Networking and Teenage Pregnancy - Term Paper Example

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This paper addresses the relative merits of social networking in terms of cost, strengths and limitations, and benefits of each course of actions. Moreover, this paper identifies three or four priority actions with corresponding rationale for their selection. …
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Social Networking and Teenage Pregnancy
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"Social Networking and Teenage Pregnancy"

Download file to see previous pages The research tells that group of pregnant teens in the community suggest social networking or weblog that would help them access and communicate information related to pregnancy and gain the necessary intellectual and emotional support needed during the entire pregnancy. However, little is known about social networking and teenage pregnancy. Therefore, in order to build a strong foundation relating social networking and teenage pregnancy, a review of literatures, studies, and researches must be conducted to provide a theoretical and practical direction in adopting a weblog about teenage pregnancy. A review of literature, studies, and researches may not only provide information on how to create a weblog that foster positive attitudes toward teenage pregnancy but may also lead to a weblog which holistically address and alleviates fear among pregnant teens, improves knowledge and attitude towards teenage pregnancy prevention, and corrects distorted public image of pregnant teens. Social networking and weblog reach large numbers of people and any information that bloggers will write will significantly affect users or readers of that certain blog; thus, gathering extensive background information and making sure that information are up-to-date and accurate are necessary before making a decision to use it as a tool in disseminating information about teenage pregnancy. One of the limitations of using weblogs and social networking tools in communicating information related to pregnancy is the challenge of learning to use weblogs particularly to groups of pregnant teens who lack access to internets or computers. ...
dimension of social networking or weblogs and to avoid biases, the following relative merits in terms of information-dissemination among pregnant teens will be addressed: cost, strengths and limitations, and benefits of each course of actions. Cost According to Martindale & Wiley (2005), weblogs are hosted on a free service (supported by advertisements) and bloggers have to pay only for the Internet access time; no need for any special technical skills or owning any expensive equipment (p. 61) Strengths and Limitations Social networking tools such as blogs have received the greatest number of attention among people who use internet (Martindale & Wiley, 2005, p. 60). Weblogs are popular primarily because of their strengths, among of which are: allowing almost anyone to contribute to “holdings”, availability to greatest number of population, interesting nature, convenient and coherent view, updated format entailing entries and stories of other people, freedom of speech by users through posting of comments on the entry, and an interactive discussion from worldwide population (Martindale & Wiley, 2005, p. 55-56). Meanwhile, a few limitations were noted in the use of weblogs and social networking tools, among of which are the challenge of learning to use weblogs particularly to groups of pregnant teens who lack access to internets or computers and the lack of control over sharing of personal information among bloggers, users, and readers (Martindale & Wiley, 2005, p. 55). Benefits Weblogs enable bloggers, users, and readers to vent their feelings and direct others to links and resources that would give information related to users’ queries. Action Plan A thorough review of literatures, studies, and researches about teenage pregnancy weblogs, inclusion of information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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