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Planet of Slums by Mike Davis - Book Report/Review Example

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The following book review headlined "Planet of Slums by Mike Davis" concerns the book written by a historian, political activist and an American writer, who is concerned with the nature of the urban landscape and effects of industrialization on societies. …
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Planet of Slums by Mike Davis
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Extract of sample "Planet of Slums by Mike Davis"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of the report is to provide a detailed analysis of the reflection of the author on global slums and it’s ecological, economic, political and social consequences.
“The prolific author, Mike Davis provides an effective analysis of the environmental, economic and social and political consequences of urban poverty and the roots of slums in the post-modern time”
The ambitious book of Mike Davies portrays a massive humanity exiled from the official economy of the world and warehoused in shantytowns. The author discovers the future of an explosively unbalanced and radically incapable urban world. The rise of the informal urban proletariat is also argued by Mike Davis. The author provides a global discussion about different aspects of slums. Mike Davis also discuss the diversity and necessity of housing across the diverse lives of people. A number of different property arrangement and tenure in slums are also discussed in the book.
The key objective of the book is to provide knowledge to readers about the transformation and growth of slums across the world. The future of unstable situation of urban world is explored my Mike Davis. The major upheavals industrialization and imperialism are echoed by the contemporary third world urban poor. The core of the book resembled the painful moments due to industrialization in terms of conditions of living. The main argument presented by author is about negative aspects and roots of global slums. At the start, the raising mega-slums are being neglected by Davis from the core program of political considerations. But, it can be realized from latter part of the book that author tries to provide vivid description on cause of urban poverty in global scale. The author is looking in the case of historical context and global scale rather than existing conditions and local governments (Davis 38). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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