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Manhattan Beach in California Oceanography - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Manhattan Beach in California Oceanography" highlights that pollution of the coastal region is a product of human activities which was also reflected in the Manhattan Beach. In Manhattan Beach, noise from recreational and navigation points was the major source of pollution…
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Manhattan Beach in California Oceanography
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Download file to see previous pages On the oceanic features, the main interest was on ocean currents and waves and their effects on the ocean. The impact of human activities like the popular recreational games, such as skateboarding, biking and surfing, and the industrial activities within the beach on marine life was also considered during the visit.
Currents are directed streams of water that transport water, heat and animals and are caused by the effects of wind (Corporation 374). Two major types of ocean waves distinguished by the nature of their motions and their causes have been identified and are surface currents and the deep water currents. Surface currents are wind-driven and horizontal in their motion. However, the deep currents are caused by differences in the densities of waters of the ocean and are vertical and horizontal in motion. Deep currents result in upwelling and downwelling. In upwelling, as the lighter warm water rises, cold water is forced to rise to fill the void left by the warm water. By contrast, in downwelling, the vertical rise of cold water creates a void which consequently forces the descending warm lighter water to fill the empty space.
Surface currents may be measured in units of Sverdrup (Sv) using direct methods like fixed current meter and indirect methods like pressure gradients, radar altimeters and Doppler flow meters (Neumann 10). On the other hand, deep currents are measured by timed floating devices, chemical tracers and by the analysis of the characteristic of the oceanic water's temperature and salinity.
Ocean currents have been found to play significant roles. Fogiel argued that since ocean currents followed the coastline, it influenced weather both on land and on the ocean (214). For instance, the Gulf Stream is a warm current originating from the Gulf of Mexico and moving north of Europe. The warm weather of Europe is attributed to the current.  Another case is the cold Humboldt Current whose disruption by, for instance, the El Nino, results in a change in Chile’s productive waters and cool coastline. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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