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WA2 - Assignment Example

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Tsunami is Japanese word that means “harbor waves’ and this name is given to the ocean destructive waves because these waves destroyed the Japanese coastal communities ( Tsunami can be referred as the waves that travel in continuity with enough speed and…
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Extract of sample "WA2"

No: Tsunamis Tsunami is Japanese word that means “harbor waves’ and this is given to the ocean destructive waves because these waves destroyed the Japanese coastal communities ( Tsunami can be referred as the waves that travel in continuity with enough speed and are destructive. In Open Ocean, these waves are not noticeable because of their wavelength extended to hundreds of miles, however, near coasts, they are not ignorable because they can cause deaths and injuries ( Nelson (2012) informs about tsunami as an elongated wavelength of water that is created because of certain ‘displacement of the sea floor or disruption of any body of standing water’. Nelson (2012) calls tsunami as tidal waves while it is rejected as tidal waves by the governmental website for Tsunami. Tsunami is not essentially generated because of displacement of sea floor, but there are many other reasons. Its occurrence can be sudden and damaging for the coastal communities (Nelson).
The word Tsunami was unknown to people before December 2004 when an earthquake of 9.1 magnitude hit Indonesia and vertically displaced the sea floor after which, a Tsunami got created and became the reason of killing nearly two hundred and thirty thousand people and affecting several millions. People suffered because of lack of proper warning measures taken by the authorities. Even after getting knowledge of tsunami, people continue getting affected as people saw a Tsunami in 2009, 2010 and 2011. There were tsunamis before, but the tsunami of 2004 made scientists to research it in depth (Nelson).
The tsunami waves reach up to a height of 100 meters that build a wall against the land and eruption of this walled water on the coasts can be destructive for the residents of the coasts. These waves as per national geographic are created because of displacement of tectonic plates under the sea (National Geographic). With the rise or fall of boundary walls of the plates, the water over the ocean floor is displaced that moves forward in form of tsunami. Landslides and volcanic eruptions can also be comprehended as the reasons of creation of tsunami. In deep water, they do not have noticeable height, but in shallow water, their speed gets lessened and they get elevated energy and height that is damaging for the shores (National Geographic).
Warnings can be sent to areas that are far from earthquakes and other regions as there is plenty of time to take actions. However, for coastal areas, the time for warning is less and people have to move to safe areas within less time. Pacific Tsunami Warning System is installed in Pacific Ocean for giving early warning in case of a probability of a tsunami. In case of an earthquake, the warning system analyzes the situation and sends warning (Nelson).
The tsunami is a series of strong waves that are destructive in shallow water. They get generated because of earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions and displacement of sea floor and when they reach coastal areas, they have damaging effects on people and their lives. In case of late warnings to people, many people get killed and also receive severe injuries.
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WA2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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