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TOPONYM SWEET TOPONYM - Assignment Example

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We have no essential confirmation from John Neely Bryan, the author of the town, demonstrating precisely how he picked the name "Dallas." Bryan (1810-1877), a broker,…
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Extract of sample "TOPONYM SWEET TOPONYM"

TOPONMY ASSIGNMENT What is your county and of legal residence? If you are an international select Kentucky, Warren County, and bowling green as
your residence.)
The county of Dallas, state of Texas
2. What is your county seat town or hometown (pick one) and how did it get
its name? (This should be at least one paragraph--at least 10 lines).
Dallas, the birthplace of the name of the town of Dallas is darken and obliges an extensive demonstration. We have no essential confirmation from John Neely Bryan, the author of the town, demonstrating precisely how he picked the name "Dallas." Bryan (1810-1877), a broker, rancher, attorney, and area theorist, is decently reported in lawful and business records however left few particular compositions. Frank M. Cockrell, an early pioneer who knew Bryan, reviewed that he declared "the town was named for my companion Dallas". There has been much theory about precisely who that individual named Dallas was. Cockrell accepted that it was George Mifflin Dallas, VP of the United States throughout the organization of President James K. Polk. Dallas County is for the most part accepted to have been named for George Mifflin Dallas since Polk County, named for President Polk, was made on March 30, 1846, that day that Dallas County was made. There is no proof, nonetheless, that Bryan ever knew George Mifflin Dallas. Likewise, the town of Dallas bore that name no less than three prior years the district was made. George Mifflin Dallas had no reported enthusiasm toward Texas until he made a cool reference favoring Texas statehood in a 1844 letter to a congressperson from Mississippi- -once more, after the town of Dallas, Texas was named.
3. Create a map of the United States showing the distribution of towns with
the same name as your county seat town. There are many web sites that allow
you to search place names. One that I recommend is:
* Place a dot on the map to represent each town with the same name.
* Give the map a title
* include a key for the map
* be prepared to discuss the toponym pattern that developed on the map and
explain the pattern (Hint: think about the five themes in cultural
4. Look at a map of your home county. In your opinion, what is the most unusual place name in your county (other than the county seat)? How did it get its name? Your answer should be a full paragraph, at least 10 lines
Euless. Euless is named after Elisha Adam Euless, a local of Tennessee who moved to Texas in 1867 and later purchased 170 sections of land (0.69 km2) of arrive on the current convergence of North Main St. also West Euless Boulevard.[5] Elisha began a cotton gin and a group focus on his property, and rapidly turned into a noticeable figure in addition to different pioneers. From the census of of 2000, there were 46,005 individuals, 19,218 family units, and 11,626 families living in the city. The populace thickness was 2,828.3 individuals for every square mile (1,091.7/km²). There were 20,136 lodging units at a normal thickness of 1,237.9 for every square mile (477.8/km²). The racial cosmetics of the city was 75.52% White, 6.49% African American, 0.64% Native American, 7.15% Asian, 1.86% Pacific Islander, 5.38% from different races, and 2.96% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 13.31% of the populace. Euless has the biggest populace of Tongans in an American city with 2.The group created around the area Euless claimed, and the tenants chose to name the city "Euless" to pay tribute to him
1. What word or words do you use to for a carbonated beverage?
2. Click on the "View the Pop vs. Soda Statistics" link. List the responses (in order of highest to lowest) for the U.S. and your home state.
i. Pop
ii. Soda
iii. Coke
iv. Other
3. Using the same link (, click on your home state and list four "Other" responses.
1. Soft drink
2.soda water
3.soda pop
4.cold drink
4. Now find out which dialect region best describes your own language usage! Click on this link and take the survey. Keep track of your responses for each question in the table below. In the first column, enter what you are being asked to describe. In the second column, put in how you answered.
In the third column, look at the map that pops up after you answer and describe which region was most similar to your answer
What generic word do you use to describe carbonated soft drinks? (Note that these could be of any brand or type, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 7-Up, etc. We are concerned with the overall word, not a specific brand.) If you have changed the word you use at some point in your life, please enter the term you first used when you learned English.
Clarke county Arkansas
Koukouni, I. (2012). \(Capitania\)\(valiso\),\(castrum\)\(dicti\)\(loci\): settlement patterns and defence on northern Chios, 9th-16th centuries (Doctoral dissertation, University of Birmingham).
Puricelli, G. P. AmbrosianaeMediolaniBasilicae Ac MonasteriiHodieCistertiensisMonumenta: QuibusHistoriaMediolanensismirificèillustrata, multisaberroribusvindicatur (Vol. 1). Ramellatus.
VerHoef, J. M., Krivoruchko, K., & Lucas, N. (2001). Using ArcGIS geostatistical analyst (Vol. 380). Redlands: Esri.
Von Schneidemesser, L. (1996). Soda or pop?.Journal of English linguistics, 24(4), 270-287. Read More
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TOPONYM SWEET TOPONYM Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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