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Analyzing a news article from a geographical perspective on Latin america using geography journals - Research Paper Example

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Within the three areas of concern, he factors in and addresses the concerns of the international order, the social movements and the nation state. In his…
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Analyzing a news article from a geographical perspective on Latin america using geography journals
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Extract of sample "Analyzing a news article from a geographical perspective on Latin america using geography journals"

Download file to see previous pages The politics of the location and the place are addressed in the political geography of the social movements. The widespread insensitivity to the push by the social movements in these nations and the outright downplaying of the quest for recognition and respect is also made mention of. This is an idea I am going to apply in analyzing a journalism article.
The journalism article in focus is “The Racism and Racial Divides in Venezuela” by Gregory Wilpert. This article addresses issues of political geography in an evidently racist Venezuela. This paper analyses and reports on how the author of the political geography article would respond to the journalism article.
In the journalism article, there are a great deal of issues on international order and the perceptions that are largely accepted and internalized by certain sections of the world’s population. Key among these and widely explored in the journal article is the concern for racism in the world in general and in Venezuela in particular. As reported in the journalism article, it is evident that the mindset of most of the Venezuelans, humans from different geographical locations of the world are and will never be equal. On the face of it, Venezuelans would say that there is no racism in the country, but the opposite proves true.
They would say that it does not matter whether one is dark, brown or white since they all consider themselves to be “Mestizo” or “brown” (Wilpert 2). The journal article gives an account of how the opposite of this statement is proven during the visit by the Trans Africa Forum to the nation of Venezuela. This position of reality of racism in Venezuela was made clear by the very delegation in their final press conference in the country. The delegation mentioned the Venezuelan news commentators who referred to their trip as a ‘burned’ tour. This statement was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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