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Analysis of Galapagos Islands - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses an analysis of the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos have Isolated it is a home of dozen species of animals and plants which cannot be found in any part of the universe. Galapagos tortoise is the largest reptile which can be found anywhere in the universe. …
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Analysis of Galapagos Islands
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Galapagos Islands"

Analysis of Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos located on the pacific ocean, 650 miles away from the coast of South America. The Galapagos are Isolated it is a home of dozen species of animals and plants which cannot be found in any part of the universe. Galapagos tortoise is the largest reptile which can be found anywhere in the universe and lives life than any animal on earth. The oldest is having 170 years and is found in Australia (Boyce p 13). Other creatures, which are found on Galapagos, include; flightless cormorant, Marine Iguana and Darwin’s Finches; there are many other unique animal and plant species which include cacti and at least 13 other species of the sunflower, which have a bark and no rings. It is indicated that the finches colonized the Island from the mainland of South America, they later diverged. The distance between the Islands meant that the finches on the different Island could not be interbreeding, and populations on the different Island tended to be different (Boyce p 86). Different populations become specialized for the different food sources, the birds which had sharp beaks while others had blunt beaks for breaking nuts.
In 1835, Darwin visited Galapagos; this was the opening point for the improvement of the theory natural selection. Darwin alleged that God independently created the species. After he conducted a research, he realized that variation involving similar species on the island, he properly reasoned that natural selection was making sense. The Galapagos Island is known to be volcanic, there is geological hotspot located deep in the crust beneath the Pacific Ocean. The universe has created a remote and secluded empire in a delicate system. Human and other factors are the main factors have interrupted the system drastically. Galapagos took several years to evolve in a complicated and inimitable way. There is an embarrassment of the environment plaguing of the Island, some stemming from the pressure of the climatic changes such as the Elnino. This can be regarded as unforgiving and an uncomfortable force of nature which has made a destructive effect on the Galapagos, many environmental issues which are facing the Galapagos instigate from potentially controllable source human beings.
The existence of the Island has two sources migration from the mainland and tourism. The human presence on the Island holds a relentless threat to the native species Galapagos. Human being never arrived alone on the Island since the inhibitors have introduced to the Galapagos which has radical effects (Boyce p 164). The feral dogs which were introduced on the Island, this has been a threat to penguins and tortoise eggs. They are facing problems, and there are potential solutions, as well. They have been an eradication program which is slow going, and it is being used to eliminate feral goats on the Island. They have been efforts to educate the neighboring communities on how to preserve the nature which surrounds the Island which is a source of income. The Island attracts customers from various sections of the globe, making it a major destination of the earth. There are ostensibly endless needs of the Island conservation and always limited funding. Other than the budget which is received from the government, the Island also relies wholly on funds from the charity donors and fundraising efforts of Charles Darwin and other private organizations. Economic growth and unfettered threaten the fragile ecosystem, the social political demands increase the way in natural resources and other public services has grown with the increasing population.
The demands have created a political and social stresses on the Island. The island is an accelerating the cycle of populating and the economic growth which is driven by tourism. The cycle is rapidly increasing threats to the biodiversity through the higher probabilities of the influx of omnipresent species and more recurrent pollution events (Boyce p 190). Throughout the universe, human population is increasing and the demands on the resources which are accordingly changing; significant environmental changes which are happening in the resource stand and occasionally driven by liberalization and globalization of markets. Lastly, it has become recognized that the changes which are going on in a complex social and cultural environment. The Galapagos is a natural wonderland, which has guarded its mysteries in a covering and time. It is a good example of the fact there is more to learn about what God created.
Works cited
Boyce, Barry. A Traveler's Guide to the Galapagos Islands. Aptos, Calif: Galapagos Travel, 2004. Print. Read More
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Analysis of Galapagos Islands Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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