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Law School - Personal Statement Example

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Life is a series of events. It is the congruence of instances, acts and periods that lead us to the exact moment of where we are today. This composes of choices but it cannot be dismissed that there are those that subsists of chance, lick and serendipity. Then there is also destiny, a concept to vague and so broad simultaneously that makes each and everyone of us believe in a greater being…
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Law School Personal Statement
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Extract of sample "Law School"

Life is a series of events. It is the congruence of instances, acts and periods that lead us to the exact moment of where we are today. This composes of choices but it cannot be dismissed that there are those that subsists of chance, lick and serendipity. Then there is also destiny, a concept to vague and so broad simultaneously that makes each and everyone of us believe in a greater being. This force that is greatly beyond our comprehension and at the same time encompassing of our entire lives. The concurrence of destiny with that omniscient force, these are the real reasons why we are where we are today. This is the motivation why I am writing this. I believe it to be my destiny that I will become a lawyer. This letter and the years I will spend in law school to prepare me to take the Bar Examinations, these are but steps I have to go through for the realization of my destiny. It seems but a loaded word to describe an endeavor. The word destiny arouses ideas of great magnitude that it must contemplate aptitude for proper application. But I see it as fitting to justify what a person such as me has to go through because surely, a whim or a wish does not merit the imminent difficulty that lie ahead. To put it in more comprehensible terms, I am in for heartache, of sleepless nights and grueling exams. It is something matter-of-factly to say that this life is not a walk in the park. I am full aware of the hardships that I will undergo. But these do not deter me in my hopes to pursue a career as a lawyer. On the contrary, this only serves to motivate me to exert all efforts and to muster the courage to be as prepared as I can be for my chosen path. This desire is not founded on solely personal reasons. Growing up I did not experience the same luxuries as all the other kids around me. I was not born with a silver spoon to say the least. My parents did not have the capacity to give me everything that I wanted but they were able to give me everything I needed through sheer hard work. We may not have had all the latest gadgets and technology or went to the most exciting trips but we had food on the table everyday and we were able to get through day by day and this sufficed. More than anything, my parents had imparted the importance of education to further personal growth. I have seen injustice plenty of times in my lifetime. It is manifested in many forms in our society. Being a lawyer would definitely afford me the opportunity to be able to address this issue in a smaller scale. Having the knowledge of the law could only lead me to fight these injustices and convert my education to be of good use to the people around me. There will always be those who are prejudiced by people who take advantage of others just because they feel that they have the immunity or even the impunity to do as they do without regard to the rights of other individuals. There had been moments in my life when I had felt helpless because I feel like I have been belittled by injustice. The state of being wherein one is so helpless because there is almost little to nothing that I can do about the situation or for the people around me is one I would not like to experience once again. I know that those who have experienced this and those who are going through this are of the disposition that there is no end. That they have to come to terms with the fact that this has been what fate has dealt them with. The truth is, not everyone is afforded justice and this is especially true if one cannot afford all the requisites to attain justice. This is a compelling force that will keep me on track of why I want to be a lawyer. I had wanted to be one from an early age. But I have never realized the impact that this could bring until my latter years. I have now understood the true reason of why I want to become a lawyer. It is a reason that transcends the mere glory of having a title as an appendage to my name. The profession, as I know it to be is not all glamour. This can be deducted even from the fact of common connotations attached to lawyers. As we can perceive from one point or another, not everyone regard lawyers with the highest esteem. But I hope to be among those who give pride to the practice of law when the time comes that I am included in its roster. I do not want to be the best, though I would strive to be, I only wish to be the best me that I could possibly be and this call has led me to follow my dream of becoming a lawyer. I believe this to be my destiny and I know that God will only help me to achieve this. I hope to be in that moment, some time in the future, when I could look back to this moment and my grasped has extended my reach. Read More
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