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Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in Indian Religions and Cultures - Assignment Example

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This paper 'Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in Indian Religions and Cultures" focuses on the fact that while exploring the perspective of organizing the lives of the Hyderabadi hijras, Margaret Trawick’s observation over kinship and family becomes important. …
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Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in Indian Religions and Cultures
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Extract of sample "Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in Indian Religions and Cultures"

Download file to see previous pages The right of social existence as human beings has also been denied by the people and they are regarded simply as alien creatures on the societal plain. In this book, the author has not only discussed the prevailing social and gender-related politics in the Indian context but at the same time through the method of citing real-life experiences from the lives of these people, the author has provided her book with a unique dimension that makes it an excellent piece of literature, not just a book over the simple theoretical discussion.

Notes on Love in a Tamil family: Margaret Trawick: This book, like the With Respect to Sex, is also the result of extensive fieldwork by the author over the family system among South Indian Tamil families. The author has provided clear idea to the reader about her purpose of writing the book, “The remaining chapters of he book are about exactly what the title says, love in a Tamil family …. These chapters describe different aspects of Tamil family life that touch upon love – kinship organization, childrearing, sexual relations, habits of speaking, rules of behaviour.” (Trawick, 2) The author has provided a detailed understanding of a Tamil family system and at the same time, she has also expressed all the simple but important aspects that act as the main factors for maintaining such balance in the family system. Finally, she has also attempted to explain the actual ideological standpoint of a family system through her reference to the Tamil families. Despite all these efforts from the author, however, there is no denial of the truth that reading of the book does not appeal to personal aesthetics as the work of Gayatri Reddy has done.

Intimate Relations: Exploring Indian Sexuality:  Sudhir Kakar: This book has been highly appreciated by many scholars across who are working over exploring different dimensions of the Indian society, across the globe.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in Indian Religions Assignment - 1, n.d.)
Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in Indian Religions Assignment - 1.
(Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in Indian Religions Assignment - 1)
Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in Indian Religions Assignment - 1.
“Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in Indian Religions Assignment - 1”.
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