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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Anatomy Destiny It is intuitive to everyone that there are anatomical differences that exist between males and females which are brought about by biological influences such as genetic factors in the human body. Many people believe that the gender roles in the society is well defined and determined by the anatomy of an individual from birth while others believe that gender is a social construct and that men and women are equal and roles are not tied to anatomy in any way whatsoever…
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Is Anatomy Destiny
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"Is Anatomy Destiny"

Download file to see previous pages Secondly, the paper will examine maleness and femaleness in the society and critically explore whether individuals should be tied to the gender they are assigned in the society. There are several factors usually present at birth that are used to determine the sex of an individual at birth which include the presence or absence of a Y chromosome, the type of gonads, sex hormones, the internal reproductive anatomy and the anatomy of the external genitalia (Kalat 122). Genetically, males and females are different where males have an X and a Y chromosome whereas Females have two X chromosomes .Immediately after conception, the male and female embryos are indistinguishable except for their differences in chromosomes where the male embryo has a Y chromosome. The Y chromosome triggers the production of testosterone and other androgen/male hormones which cause the embryo to develop testes and a penis instead of developing ovaries and a uterus. Biological psychologists regard gender identity and role as arising from biological processes and the differences between the two sexes where men and women act, feel and think differently because of the differences regarding how their brain works which is brought about by chromosomal and hormonal differences (Kalat 341). The male hormones (androgens make the male brain to develop and work differently from the female brain and this accounts for the differences in behavior between men and women for instance men are more aggressive than women Males and females produce different sex hormones (androgens for males and oestrogens for females) in varying quantities that not only affects their physiology e.g. menstrual cycle in females but also has a bearing on their behavior. For instance, testosterone which is produced in greater quantities in men has a great influence on the behaviors that is prominent in males. A research has shown that violent offenders and recidivists (those with a tendency of reoffending) have higher amounts of testosterone than nonviolent offenders. Women have higher levels of oxytocin which is associated with the behavior of women being more sociable than men in the society whereas men are generally seen to be more aggressive. Financial traders with higher levels of testosterone were also seen to take greater risks which are also in agreement with the fact that most entrepreneurs are male (Pettman 294). On the other hand, the issue of gender identity and gender roles is a social construct not a matter of differences in sex. Beauvoir considers the various myths used to paint women as a second gender in different societies. She strongly criticizes these myths terming them as dubious analogies and pseudo-thinking form of philosophy (Beauvoir 49). Social factors contribute to once gender roles and performance since the social influences start playing a big role in the child’s development immediately the baby is born. Parents and the society play a role in teaching and shaping of gender typed behaviors in boys and girls as early as they are born. They encourage specific gender –typed behaviors that bring about gender-appropriate activities as much as discouraging cross-gender activities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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