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The Subiaco Centro project (Transit-oriented develepments) - Research Proposal Example

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A Brief Description of the Subiaco-Centro Project: The Subiaco-Centro project began in 1994 after two years of public consultation and the community acceptance of the finalized plans. The project is a planned redevelopment of former industrial land in Subacio and currently 85% of all development has been completed on the construction of townhouses, apartments and commercial area…
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The Subiaco Centro project (Transit-oriented develepments)
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"The Subiaco Centro project (Transit-oriented develepments)"

Download file to see previous pages The project is aimed to expand the land usage opportunities in the Subiaco area and balance and complement the existing community fabric, while promoting alternative transport usage. Following are some of planning innovations that went into the project: Transit oriented development Community engagement Affordable housing Heritage conservation Reason for the selection of the topic: In the past, developmental design in the city of Perth has largely been oriented towards mobility through cars and other automobiles. However, with the development of the Subiaco-Centro project, this focus has now shifted from car-friendly planning to development that is grounded not only in land usage policies but also on the principle of actively pursuing the opportunities of transit-oriented development. This shift in focus has come with a significant challenges as well as opportunities, and the primary reason that I have selected this subject for my research is the fact that it presents a wide array of topics that need exploration. Since this project is not only focused on the creation of a safe, sustainable and harmonious city, there is also a major emphasize on re-inventing the city’s transportation system and provide easy and equal access to different modes of transportation. In this regard, the concept of transit-oriented has given rise to a lot of issues and I intend to not only study and research the various opportunities that have arisen due to this, but also explore the various obstacles that have been a part of this project. In the course of my research, I intend to study the following: The vision behind this project and the significance of creating development around public transportation. Current transport infrastructure designs. The need and demand for transit-oriented development design in Perth. The Socio-Economic effects of this type of development. The opportunities presented by maintaining a balance between high level of transit accessibility and land usage providing affordable housing. The research paper will take from current existing literature on these topics and compare the trending opinions with what has happened/is happening in Perth, and how it will effect the population, environment and economy of the city. Potential Sources of Information: Journal Articles: Theoretical discussions about the topic, cast studies documenting other instances of TOD in different countries etc. Reports/Other Documents: SRA planning schemes, Subiaco Redevelopment Act 1994, project information, Scheme texts/maps Websites: Subiaco Redevelopment Authority, Western Australian Planning Commission, City of Subiaco Proposed Structure of the Paper: 1. Introduction – A discussion about the fundamentals issues examined in the paper 2. Transit-oriented development in the Subi-centro project - A discussion about the history of TOD, the motivation behind incorporating it into Perth’s developmental designs, the vision behind the plans. - The Key players (Dept. of planning, private investors, SRA) - The objectives of the Subi-Centro project (in terms of development centred around transit modes in Perth) 3. The Obstacles and Opportunities arising due to TOD - A discussion about the demand for TOD in Perth - The attitudes of the residents of the city about this change of developmental designs. (Through a discussion of stakeholder interviews conducted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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