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Assign3 - Assignment Example

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Besides, conservation of charge takes place together with the Lepton and the Baryon number. A strong interaction between the weak particles occurs hence making the process of…
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Assignment al Affiliation Assignment 3: Astronomy Essay Below is a formula used to work out velo of a galaxy; Vr = CZ C whichis considered to be the speed of the light is 300,000 Km/s and Z is the redshift respectively.
In order to find the Redshift, the fraction of the two wavelength ratios must be considered.
This is shown in the below calculations.
Z = (Wavelength- Rest Wavelength)/ Rest Wavelength)
Therefore the Velocity is,
300,000 X (Wavelength- Rest Wavelength)/Rest Wavelength)
a) Galaxy I has a Wavelength of 8204 and the Rest Wavelength of 6563. Therefore, calculation the Radial velocity will be;
300,000 Km/s (8204-6563)/6563
= 75011.4277 Km/s
b) Galaxy II has a wavelength of 6549 and the Rest Wavelength of 6563. Therefore, calculation of radial velocity will be as follows;
300,000 Km/s (6549-6563)/6563
= -639.95124 Km/s
2. In respect to particle interaction, the following reactions must take place;
Conservation of energy takes place in the process of the interactions thus involving momentum aspect. Besides, conservation of charge takes place together with the Lepton and the Baryon number. A strong interaction between the weak particles occurs hence making the process of annihilation take place that involves a proton and an antiproton. In order for one anti up and up quarke to take place, annihilating which is responsible for producing energy is examined.
3. Proofs about the dark energy which are related with the galaxy clusters have been developed and they have distance difference that shows the densities of the galaxy which has a year difference with the universe. The proofs were presented through the view of the South Pole Telescope where by the brightest cluster galaxies have been found. They are undergoing a violent internal motion caused by a smashup from other galaxies. Abell 3627 generates an x ray which is blue along with hydrogen light. On the other side, Eso 137-001 galaxy has been seen for 260000 light years. It has a tail which the scientists have failed to understand to date. Clusters of galaxies are a collection of galaxies which are bonded by the gravity that is bounded by hot gases. The tails which were formed from the hot gas formed by the spiral arms of the galaxies. This causes an effect to the galaxy hence evolution changes the formation of the stars.
4. In relevance to the top down structure formation, the scenario first forms the large pancakes then followed by the fragment that forms the lumps which are sized. The scenario is important because of the information concerning the existence of the large sheets with low density. In respect to bottom up structure’s scenario, there occurs a formation of the galaxies which are small and dwarfs first, followed by the formation of the clusters.
5. The world was molten many years ago. It took some years for the earth to cool and pass through the process of conduction and radiation. In respect to laws of thermodynamics, the earth has around 24 to 40 million years. The amount of the salt in the oceans also shows that it must have taken them time for salt evaporation process to occur. Nowadays, oceans have only a small amount of salt. The thickness of existing sedimentary rocks is over three million years old. Marine mollusks have also a number of series of million years on the universe thus the world is old enough to have been completed many years. The decay of the radioactivity processes also passes a number of age measures of the rocks and minerals on earth.
Lockyer, J. N. (1876). Astronomy (2nd ed.). Toronto: J. Campbell. Read More
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