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Impact of Ethical Education or Training on Moral Values Concerning Finance and Accounting - Coursework Example

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The paper "Impact of Ethical Education or Training on Moral Values Concerning Finance and Accounting" highlights that ethics and beliefs are complimentary as one's ethical behavior flows out of one's values; ethics relate to behavior and values relate to beliefs. …
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Impact of Ethical Education or Training on Moral Values Concerning Finance and Accounting
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Extract of sample "Impact of Ethical Education or Training on Moral Values Concerning Finance and Accounting"

Download file to see previous pages The Act implements extensive changes to public accounting and corporate laws and also expands corporate governance extending the responsibilities of senior executives and board members. SOX has changed the current business environment. In the past business ethics was viewed as important (Bies & Forte, 2010). Now, business ethics is mandatory, but where is the map for business managers to follow? SOX mandates ongoing comprehensive ethics programs but does not give clear exact criteria, leaving the responsibility of education and training employees in ethics up to the organization (Stephan, 2007).
In order to provide all stakeholders in corporate America assurance around ethical behavior, further research is needed. The foundation of this dissertation is Kohlberg's Cognitive Moral Development theory, which will be used to determine whether age, gender, and education influence an individuals ethical decision-making capability. This study will compare the moral value of finance and accounting professionals who had ethical training with finance and accounting professionals who have not had ethical training, based on gender, age and education level.
Finance and accounting professionals must resolve financial problems with the highest of ethical standards. Both finance professionals and accountants have developed codes or standards for guidance in performing their fiscal duties. The National Commission on Fraudulent Reporting concluded that written codes are important for communicating expectations and that more corporations should adopt a code of conduct (Rich, Smith, & Mihalek, 1990). However, Rich et al. conducted a study of selected respondents from the National Association of Accountants database. Rich et al. found that for the performance measure net income, there was pressure on the respondents to achieve a targeted net income, and the pressure was greater in companies with a formal code. For a second performance measure, return on investment (ROI), there was pressure to achieve a specific ROI in those companies with a formal code.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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