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Islamic banks and Conventional Banks - Term Paper Example

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The report “Islamic banks and Conventional Banks” is aimed at identifying and assessing the performances of the Islamic banking system on the metrics of financial performance, productivity, liquidity, efficiency, profitability and growth as well as on other ancillary factors…
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Islamic banks and Conventional Banks
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Extract of sample "Islamic banks and Conventional Banks"

Download file to see previous pages But, it can be identified that in the countries in which dual banking systems are present, the growth and stability of the Islamic banking systems have been better than that of the conventional banks over the selected period for study. These findings hint at the higher growth prospects and expected consistency and stability in the operations of the Islamic banks in the future.
The research is aimed at evaluating the performance of the Islamic banks and comparing the financial and economic performance of these banks with the conventional interest based banking institutions. The Islamic banks are consistently growing in number and are becoming more prevalent in the contemporary economic and financial sectors. The fact that the countries in which Islamic banking and financing system are employed were among the least affected economies during the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 have highlighted the sustainability and financial strengths of these banks to a high degree. As such, the evaluation and assessment of the performance of Islamic banking system against that of the conventional banking system is identified to be a relevant and interesting area of study.
The research is conducted by reviewing the literary works that have been prepared and presented on Islamic banking and the global banking sector, followed by setting the research objectives and questions for the study. The report also includes a discussion of the research methodology including the data collection and analysis methods. The findings and interpretations are presented by analyzing the collected information and a relevant conclusion is reached from the analysis and the overall findings of the research work.
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