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Condition vs. Statement Analysis - Coursework Example

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Analysis of financial statement is the process of considering an organization’s financial statements such as the balance sheet, cash flow statement, and retained earnings. The process involves the consideration of past, current, and projected performance of the business unit…
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Condition vs. Statement Analysis
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"Condition vs. Statement Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Horizontal analysis makes use of comparisons over two or more years in both currency and percentage forms. Vertical analysis on the other hand, takes into account entries of the balance sheet and presents them as percentages of the total. Finally, ratio analysis is used in financial statement analysis to show the statistical correlation of data (Finkler, Purtell, Calabrese, and Smith, 2013). The use of financial statement analysis is primarily aimed at informing effective decision making process.
While financial statement analysis evaluates the financial performance of an organization from its financial data records to showcase performance, financial condition analysis on the other hand, aims at measuring the position of the business or entity at hand. Two considerations under financial condition analysis include resource flow, and resource stock (Studenmund, 2011). Under resource flow, financial condition analysis takes into account financial indicators such as total margin, charge to expense, and debt service ratios. It also considers financial performance through change in net assets (Finkler, Purtell, Calabrese, and Smith, 2013). Under resource stock, financial condition analysis takes into account financial ratios (indicators) such as quick for testing liquidity, net assets for measuring solvency, debt to asset for measuring leverage, and capital assets condition for measuring capital (Finkler, Purtell, Calabrese, and Smith, 2013). The use of financial condition analysis is primarily aimed at acknowledging the performance or position of the entity at hand.
Finkler, Purtell, Calabrese, and Smith (2013) points that external factors have impact on an organization’s financial performance. In this case, financial condition analysis considers external factors such as competition, market stability, exchange rates, and market volatility. Under these factors, financial condition analysis aims at testing how much the business is able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Condition Vs. Statement Analysis Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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