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A lot of people living in the county have paid the city council to collect their garbage. To meet the expectations of the County members who have paid for garbage collection, trucks must be purchased. I have included two garbage trucks in my…
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Capital Budget
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Download file to see previous pages The trucks will also ensure that we can handle all requests for garbage collection. It will eventually lead to a conducive, clean environment in River County.
River County residents have echoed out their views of having better roads in the county. River County needs all weather roads constructed all over because of the varying weather condition experienced in the area. As of (Finkler, 2013, p. 32) good governance involves better infrastructure. I have budgeted $240,000 for the purchase of two bulldozers. The expected lifetime for the bulldozers is eight year. The bulldozers will make road and other construction projects in the next eight years simpler. A better the infrastructure will bring development in River County. The two bulldozers may also be used in the building of government projects in the County.
River County houses three international stadiums. It is the county’s responsibility to keep the stadiums in excellent conditions. The government offices located in the area also require to be well maintaining. It is because of these factors that I included two lawn mowers in my budget. The two go for a combined total of $48,000. The expected lifetime of the lawnmowers is five years. $48000 will be the ideal spending if the two can service the county for five years. Properly maintained stadiums will encourage the sports sector in the county. If the sports sector is improved, a lot of people will turn up in the stadiums and pay for the service through the purchase of tickets. Properly maintained government compounds will keep the environment clean (Finkler, 2013, p. 32).
A lot of the people living in River County are self-employed. The residents would love a centre set up that would offer the grounds for growing their businesses. Centralization of all the counties enterprises and activities would be a significant step towards the growth of the county. The business centre would also bring in some good relationship among the residents of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Capital Budget Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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