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Advanced Investment Theory and Practice - Assignment Example

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It is usually accepted by economists that studies of empirical nature have provided evidence that is sufficient to accept the semi strong and weak forms of the efficient market hypothesis It is in this way that in this paper reference to efficient markets will be made…
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Advanced Investment Theory and Practice
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Download file to see previous pages The question to ask is, “what are the several implications of a market that is efficient for portfolio management?” As far as security analysis is in question, the efficient market hypothesis plainly put forward that neither fundamental analysis nor technical analysis is meaningful, unless, as Lorie and Hamilton explain, the scale of investable funds is sufficient in the process of analysis (Lorie & Hamilton 1973). The process of portfolio management is simple to explain. The whole process is adequately basic to allow the writing of a computer program to replicate nearly precisely the portfolio, which a manager chose. For example, Black presents an intense but convincing case for a passive portfolio management strategy. He explains that in case an investor does this, that investor will not try to outguess changes in the market. He continues saying the investor will not try to pick stocks that are thought not to do better than other stocks. The investor will usually sell only to establish losses in tax, or when the investor requires money. The investor may borrow against portfolio when money is required, rather than selling, in order to avoid realizing gains in capital.  Furthermore, the investor will try to minimize investment expenses, taxes, and costs. As correctly pointed out above by Black, a portfolio strategy that is passive does not mean randomly purchasing securities, but choosing a portfolio that is well diversified in harmony with the utility of investor towards risk.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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