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Through operational planning, organizations understand the resources required in completing the various tasks, the persons to carry out…
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Discussion and 2 responses Discussion Operational planning helps the organization direct its employees to carry out the day to day tasks requiredin realizing the strategic goals. Through operational planning, organizations understand the resources required in completing the various tasks, the persons to carry out the specific tasks and the durations needed to complete the tasks. In addition, organizations learn the strategies and methods to be employed in carrying out the tasks.
Operational planning and budget planning are related in the sense that whereas operational planning identifies the tasks and resources needed to realize the strategic goals, budget planning details how the resources will be acquired and distributed across the various tasks and departments. Therefore, budget planning helps the organization realize the tasks that are detailed in the operational plan by allocating human and financial resources. Budget thus planning helps the organization prioritize the activities included in the operation plan based on the required resources and expected returns.
Since system thinking is a holistic approach in understanding the organization, it helps improve operation decision making by examining the interactions between various parts of the organization. It helps show how a change in one section will affect other sections in the organization, thereby allowing for well informed decision making. For example, through the system thinking approach, an organization will understand which areas modifications need to be made. In addition, system thinking allows for an organization make decisions that tackle the specific cause of a problem or specific areas where the problem lies since the entire system is analyzed.
Discussion 2
Deliberate strategies involve the set of intended actions that are taken after careful planning and deliberation. Deliberate strategies require that actions undertaken are not influenced by external forces, and must be accomplished as originally earlier agreed. For example, as noted in the article by Moore (2011), deliberate strategies are formulated based on a preexisting model that is made to fit the organization or industry. Emergent strategies on the other hand are those decisions taken and adapted over time and are not intended. This involves the organization understanding what best works in practice, and such actions are not pre-planned.
Emergent strategies are useful in a future strategic planning process because they help the organization when plans fail. These strategies help the organization cope with unexpected events or circumstances that were not predicted. For instance, as noted in the article, events such as the 9/11 attack and the BP oil spill were unplanned and unexpected, making emergent strategies very useful in dealing with such. Emergent strategies allow for an organization to remain flexible.
Ignoring emergent strategies could lead to a business falling behind its competitors, and eventually going out of business. Without emergent strategies, businesses cannot react to changes in the market or to what the competitors are doing. Without these strategies, organizations will not satisfy the ever changing demands of the consumers when it comes to products and services offered. In addition, ignoring these strategies can cause a business to be adversely affected by unexpected events or disasters, and leading to losses. Read More
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Wk4Dis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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