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The writer of this essay is interested in expanding his horizons in the area of accounting and stock trading and in this regard. The writer is am currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree majoring in accounts at the Albers School of Business and Economics, Seattle University. …
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The Position in the Area of Accounting
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The Position in the Area of Accounting

I am interested in expanding my horizons in the area of accounting and stock trading and in this regard I am sending my resume for your perusal. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree majoring in accounts at the Albers School of Business and Economics, Seattle University. After completing the course, I intend to prosecute my studies further with accountancy as my major subject and hope to successfully clear the CPA and Series 7 exam.

To my knowledge, I understand that you are recruiting for a position and am interested to offer my skills if given an opportunity to work in your organization. Do find my resume enclosed with this letter which contains all the needed information pertaining to my educational achievements and honors, work experience, and activities. I have a one year experience in the trading industry and I strongly believe that life is a never-ending learning process and I have just begun to polish myself in this field; but there are still countless things that I am yet to learn and understand. Trading in the stock market taught me the discipline and the need to abide by one’s personal beliefs in today’s fiercely competitive working environment. In addition, I have also learnt that honesty and integrity are important principles for any job or business. Personally, I see success as achieving the goals that you have set for yourself and becoming the person that you want to be and I want to take the right steps in order to meet this end. On the knowledge front I have learnt to analyze and forecast market stocks without errors and provide satisfactory results to investors, customers, and clients from my work experience.

It has thus been a very challenging and promising journey so far in my educational and work experience and I believe that I can further hone my skills by working in your concern. My work experiences have made me become more efficient and resourceful. They have also helped me learn the importance of team work and the need to build strong interpersonal relationships with working partners both in the internal and external work environments. I assure you of my dedication and sincerity towards the work assigned and its demands and would strive to fulfill them in every way possible. Please find below my contact details and looking forward to meeting you in person. Read More
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