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: Accounting as an instrument of neoliberalisation:Exploring the adoption of fair value accounting in China - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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“Fair Value Accounting” is an accounting method that forms part of the architecture of neoliberalism, embedding the broader ideological commitments of neoliberal globalization within accounting techniques.
The Chinese accounting standard –ASBE 22: Recognition and…
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Presentation: Accounting as an instrument of neoliberalisation:Exploring the adoption of fair value accounting in China
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Extract of sample ": Accounting as an instrument of neoliberalisation:Exploring the adoption of fair value accounting in China"

Download file to see previous pages e government to “free” Chinese capital markets by transforming the share-ownership structure of Chinese listed companies and transforming non-tradable state shares into freely floating shares so that the markets could be “efficient”.
In the Chinese context, FVA can only ever exist in name – as a symbol of China’s commitment to global capitalism. To this end, China’s adoption of IFRS requires an embrace of so much more than comparable accounting techniques. It requires a commitment to the ongoing neoliberalisation of China that is disconnected from the underlying political and economic architecture that is operating within ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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