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The Role of Visitors Attractions to the Success of the South Bank - Assignment Example

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The author of this paper "The Role of Visitors Attractions to the Success of the South Bank" explains that South Bank, situated in London, is an extensive region that is the one spot place, which showcases some of the greatest cultural iconic attractions of the city including arts and theatres…
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The Role of Visitors Attractions to the Success of the South Bank
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Extract of sample "The Role of Visitors Attractions to the Success of the South Bank"

Download file to see previous pages South Bank of the River Thames in London has numerous of the best-recognized attractions and is a large place to spend at least a day of the holiday. The South Bank lies near the River Thames, which stretches under the Tower Bridge, Westminster Bridge, and 212 other bridges. It was enthused by the 1951 Festival of Britain subsequent to post-war austerity and to commemorate the anniversary of the 1851 Great Exhibition held by Queen Victoria. South bank is the biggest single-run arts center in the earth and consists of Royal Festival Hall, The London Eye, The National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Gabriel's Wharf and Tate Modern Art Gallery. (Bell, 2010). Visitor attractions symbolize a complex division of the tourism business and are the catalytic focus for the growth of tourism services and infrastructure. As this area develops, there are still numerous queries to be answered and problems to be recognized such as what visitor attractions really are, what forces drive their growth, who visits them and why, how they are managed and funded, and what the various day-to-day challenges are regarding their marketing and management. “A visitor attraction is a valuable addition to a holiday experience in an area. It can provide the vital component which is ‘something-to-do’ in the locality” (Visitor Attraction n.d para.1). With a cultural and artistic melting pot, growing day by day, glittering riverside sights at night, South Bank is one of London’s most exciting and vibrant destinations. Best recognized for being in the vicinity of so many of London’s major and prime attractions, South Bank is also just opposite to the Houses of Parliament, “a mere stroll from Covent Garden and the Tate Modern and home to the London Eye, the Imperial War Museum and the renowned Royal Festival Hall” (South Bank, 2011, para.1). The South bank Centre includes the Hayward art gallery and also Queen Elizabeth Hall. Part of the achievement and success of the region have attributed to the high levels of access to public transport. There are several major railway terminals near and on both sides of the river, which include Charing Cross, Waterloo, Blackfriars and the London Underground scheme, from west to east, at Waterloo, Westminster, Blackfriars, Embankment, and Southwark. (South Bank, City Hall- London 2012). Critically evaluate how these attractions have contributed to the success of the South Bank. The designing concept behind the South Bank is bringing together various buildings, connected by the general denominator of their idea: culture. Cultural tourists desire to enjoy exhibitions and concerts, to test local food and study about local ethnicity, to enjoy the ambiance of a place. “London’s South Bank hosts some of the world’s premier cultural facilities and has long been frequented by many kinds of people: local residents, workers, tourists, and commuters, as well as music, theatre, and museum-goers” (Waterloo: South Bank, 2012, para.1). South Bank cites once more advantage of its location, which is their main factor of success, in relation to Covent Garden and London’s Houses of Parliament, by the appeal that city iconic images propose; the possibility to have an attractive cultural experience as it mentions the London’s, cultural heart. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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