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HNC Counselling My Name Graded F1M 34 My TABLE OF CONTENTS I. COVER PAGE………………………………………….1 II. TABLE OF CONTENTS………………………………2 III. PLANNING…………………………………………….3 IV…
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HNC Counselling. Graded Unit F1M 34
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Download file to see previous pages (150) The main problem is Fritz seems to be somewhat of an underachiever. He is giving up because his business is not going well, and now it is threatening to break up his whole family. Additionally, he has communication issues with his wife, not really knowing how to express himself well or share his feelings about what he wants to do with the business, when he should ideally let her know what he is thinking—especially wanting to make such a big life decision about selling the business and moving out of the city. Anna is right to want to have a divorce, as Fritz is being unreasonable. Further, he is not taking his parenting responsibilities seriously, and this is also a concern. Fritz, therefore, has three main problems: communicating with Anna, decision-making, and taking an active role in the development of his childrens’ upbringing. He needs work on these issues. Explanation of the theory. (250 words) The theories introduced here are humanistic theory and psychodynamic theory, with Egan’s three-stage model as a way of understanding the theory. Humanistic theory is a very common theory which helps people understand one way to counsel others. “Many models of group work and organizational development have drawn heavily on humanistic theory” (Strawbridge, Woolfe, & Dryden, 2009, 142). Humanistic theory also has another name. ...
There are “…verbal and nonverbal behaviours that enhance effective listening and communication” (Rennie, 1998, pp. 32). Psychodynamic counsellors notice behaviours and try to adapt these behaviours into more socially acceptable reactions. In the course of psychodynamic counselling, “…some behavioural patterns, and some feelings are unconscious [and the client may not be made aware of these until they are mentioned]” (Jacobs, 2004, pp. 101). Gerard Egan of Loyola University in Chicago developed a three-stage model, where the counselled individual must realize the present (“Where am I?”), the preferred (“Where do I want to be?”) and strategies for the future (“How do I get where I want to be?”). “Egan’s three-stage model can serve as a useful and practical map in counselling and a means of bringing structure to the process of counselling” (Burnard, 2005, pp. 127). Completion date and milestones. (65 words) The completion date for Fritz should be based on what he can do in how much time. Perhaps he should be given a finite date, a few months, in which to fix at least two of his problems—the communication issue with Ann and his inability to express himself well. The problem with Harry should be resolved sooner; Fritz should be encouraged to discipline him. Ethical principles in counselling. (100 words) In counselling, it’s important that the client’s boundaries are respected and that, obviously, one would not call Anna in order to let her know details of the counselling sessions unless Fritz allowed it. It would also be uncouth to offer parenting advice, tips, or admonitions, or otherwise tell Fritz outright how to run his life or manage his marriage. Those actions would be outside the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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