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Consumer Adoption of Hybrid Car Technology - Dissertation Example

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Consumer Adoption of Hybrid Car Technology Introduction In a world of increasing concern over the consequences of fossil fuel burning, more attention than ever has been devoted to the prospect and promise of alternative energy. This is especially true with respect to hybrid vehicles…
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Consumer Adoption of Hybrid Car Technology
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Download file to see previous pages This section will investigate vehicle registration data and predictions of consumer demand based upon the Thatchenkery analysis (2008) unless otherwise noted, factual attributions in this section of the study will be conclusions drawn from Thatchenkary 2008. From this article, further pressing questions will be addressed relating to consumer choice of hybrid automobiles and the obstacles towards greater market penetration. These questions can be divided between internal factors and external ones relating to consumer choice. The internal questions would relate more to ideological choices encouraging the purchase of a hybrid vehicle, and whether or not the structure and utility of the vehicle is pleasing to a given individual. External questions relate to socioeconomic factors affecting society as a whole. Can the economy and infrastructure of most industrialized countries be converted to support this innovation? How soon? And at what cost? A detailed analysis is necessary in order to identify the pros and cons of hybrid automotive technology and determine the benefits and consequences of government subsidies of the same. Various incentives and tax credits are under consideration by government agencies for the purpose of subsidizing a transition to hybrid vehicle or technology. An analysis of the available technical literature is required in order to determine the success of the subsidy programs, and the likelihood of any unintended consequences that might be detrimental to other sectors of the economy. And whether the widescale implementation of hybrid automobiles can be realized to a great enough extent to achieve both the goals of transportation, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. When the decision is made by government to subsidize hybrid electrical vehicles, the decision invites analysis concerning the form and implementation of the subsidies. Among the issues that this analysis will explore, is the question on whether government subsidies in the form of income tax credits represents a more powerful incentive towards the purchase of hybrid vehicles as opposed to an incentive based on sales tax. The effectiveness of various government incentive programs will be evaluated in light of hybrid purchases, and overall efficiency in a world of rising gasoline prices. This analysis will also seek to identify variations in the demand among consumers as it pertains to the hybrid automobile market. This will be compared against the effectiveness of various government subsidy programs to develop a more thorough picture of the best means by which to promote hybrid automotive technology. It is also necessary to evaluate the effect of convenience of the vehicle compared with the desirability of incentives. Can a government subsidy for hybrid vehicle or purposes enhance sales even in cases where the vehicle might seem less convenient? How important is the comfort and utility of the vehicle compared with the possible incentives of some form of sales tax subsidy, or advantage in regards to the individual consumers income tax? Methodology This study is a literature meta-analysis of the concerns and actions resulting from hybrid automotive technology. A comparison of the primary literature, both legal and technical will be utilized to answer fundamental questions regarding hybrid automotive technology. This analysis seeks to evaluate whether current hybrid technologies do represent increased energy efficiency, as well as a reduction in overall ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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